Local Families Scramble to Help Elders as Cities Reopen

As our cities reopens, local families are scrambling for help to care for their elderly loved ones who are isolated and home alone. Local in-home care companies are flooded with requests from families desperate for help to keep Mom and Dad healthy, engaged and connected. A recent study  just released reveals 60% of older adults crave […]

Four points to consider when making caregiving decisions + mental wellness for caregivers

By Eileen Silverberg ~ Oftentimes, many of us, when making decisions as caregivers, tend to leave out a vital factor – ourselves. As caregivers of our loved ones with dementia or Alzheimer’s, our role as the decision maker gets emotionally demanding. As the disease progresses more decisions seem to pile up. As time goes by, […]

Stop Wondering If You are a Good Caregiver

Why we need to retire this term and how to rewire our mindset instead ~ By Eileen Silverberg ~ Loving and caring for someone with dementia can be challenging. Perhaps, it is one of the most challenging struggles one will ever encounter. No one can predict if or when their loved one, especially a parent, […]

Addressing the Coronavirus’ Impact on Families Affected by Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s Foundation of America’s Helpline Open Seven Days a Week to Help Answer Caregiver Questions ~ NEW YORK — The ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak is causing disruptions to normal routines and requiring many people to isolate, particularly higher risk individuals such as senior citizens and those with serious health conditions, including Alzheimer’s disease.  The Alzheimer’s […]

Support Groups ongoing at the Village at Belmar

Parkinson Support Group-Patients, Care Partners and Families Welcome First Tuesday of every month, 1pm, Village at Belmar RSVP to Amy for Zoom invitation Dementia Caregiver Support Group Second Saturday of Every Month, 10-11am Village at Belmar   If you are caring for a person diagnosed with dementia, please join us for conversation, education and support.  […]

Keeping Senior Loved Ones Close When a Physical Visit Isn’t Possible

On a typical day, the average person doesn’t think about how it feels to go days with little human connection or interaction. With most of our communities practicing social distancing to stunt the spread of COVID-19, we are gaining a new level of empathy for what many older adults face every day.  According to the […]

Ready, Set, Respite: What to Know About Taking a Break

By Meghan Kluth, Vice President of Respite Initiatives at the Colorado Respite Coalition ~ Summer is quickly approaching and while the majority of Coloradans are ready for some time off, caregivers may find it challenging to take a break.  For many older adults, caring for a loved one is part of daily life. There are […]

Tips for dementia caregivers who are sheltering in place at home

If you’re looking for another way to address the coronavirus question, there are a 1/3 of a million Coloradans (76,000 living with the disease and 256,000 unpaid caregivers) who must adapt to the social distancing guidelines – meaning that the social activities they have enjoyed to keep their loved ones engaged must be adapted.

Caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s from a distance

As more and more municipalities enact “stay at home” orders, more and more family members will be separated from loved ones living with Alzheimer’s disease in assisted-living facilities. There are 256,000 unpaid Colorado caregivers who volunteer their time and energy to care for 76,000 Coloradans living with Alzheimer’s, many of them in memory-care facilities that […]

New AARP Report on Caregiving: Expert Sources Available

Two acclaimed experts are available to comment on it ~ Donna Thomson and Zachary White, Ph.D., are experts on family caregiving and co-authors of The Unexpected Journey of Caring:  The Transformation from Loved One to Caregiver. 

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