Online Holiday Shopping Safety Tips

By Karin Stewart ~ Holiday shopping might look a bit differently for most of us this year. We may be looking to more on-line shopping as we stay safer-at-home. Unfortunately, more on-line shopping means more opportunities to potentially fall victim to on-line scammers and fraudsters.

Tips on Finding the Right Community for Retirement

By Randy Berman ~ The Baby Boomers of today are retiring in record numbers and as active as they are, many are challenging a number of popular stereotypes about retirement and aging. And in today’s environment, picking the right community can mean all the difference in enjoying the lifestyle one seeks.

How Can A Divided Nation Unify?

6 Tips On Learning How To Compromise ~ By Jim White, PhD ~ Americans are sharply divided as the presidential election nears. While that’s not unusual in an election year, studies have indicated that the nation has never been more polarized, a trend that’s apparent everywhere from social media to the halls of Congress.

5 Tips To Keep Mosquitoes Away

Summer is upon us, which means so are mosquitoes. The flying pests invade neighborhoods like an army, but they aren’t just a backyard nuisance with bites that itch. They also can carry dangerous diseases, including West Nile virus and Zika.

Lockdown Lift Tips – Are Your Ready?

By Kay Hutchison ~ For many of us it seems that we are actually now in more uncertain times than we were a few weeks ago. Lockdown may have come upon us all relatively quickly, but its realities were easily understood – we were told we can’t go out, meet that person, visit that store.  […]

Coping Tips to Keep Seniors Mentally Healthy during Extended COVID-19

(FAIRFIELD, CT) – May 13, 2020 – A recent poll conducted by the Kaiser Family Foundation finds that 45 percent of all adults believe the coronavirus pandemic has had a major impact on their mental health.  In addition, the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) reports that 6.5 million Americans aged 65 and older are dealing with some level […]

Coping Tips for Covid Cabin Fever – A UK perspective (a voice from the future?)

I don’t know about you, but it seems to me that somehow, in the midst of this pandemic, we managed to simply swap the old chaos of 2019 with a new kind of chaos in 2020.  With the welcome silver linings we experience in our environment and the myriad of choices online, there seems to be […]

5 Tips for Sudden Home Schoolers

SOUTH ORANGE, N.J. – April 1 – Many parents around the country are settling into a new role — substitute teachers for their school-age children. Daniel Katz, Ph.D., assistant professor and chair of the Department of Education Studies at Seton Hall University, works with new teachers who are getting their sea legs in the classroom.  A parent […]

New To Working From Home Full-Time? Here’s How To Stay Productive

As the coronavirus pandemic threatens public health and the U.S. economy, more people are working from home on a regular basis. The move follows social distancing guidelines as an attempt to slow the outbreak, but keeping scattered workforces connected and productive can be challenging for managers and employees.

Social distancing tips: 15 ways to stay both sane and safe

MUNCIE, Indiana – Practicing social distancing to mitigate the COVID-19 pandemic may sound scary or impossible to do, but there are ways to appropriately handle the process, says Jagdish Khubchandani, a health science professor at Ball State University.

Coronavirus, How You Can Protect The Elderly

By David Bannon ~ Many of us have an elderly parent, grandparent, relative or friend that we want to protect from the threats of COVID-19 but are often unsure how best to do so. We at Catalyst want to provide you with advice that can help you support your elderly loved one in these difficult times, whether they live with you, […]

Tips for dementia caregivers who are sheltering in place at home

If you’re looking for another way to address the coronavirus question, there are a 1/3 of a million Coloradans (76,000 living with the disease and 256,000 unpaid caregivers) who must adapt to the social distancing guidelines – meaning that the social activities they have enjoyed to keep their loved ones engaged must be adapted.

Retirement And The IRS: What Seniors Need To Know At Tax-Filing Time

Retirement and the effects of aging come with a lot of changes, but at least one thing remains constant.   Every April 15th, Uncle Sam wants to make sure you’re paying any taxes you might owe him.

Safety Tips Snowbirds Should Know While Traveling

Personal safety experts share tips that can help protect travelers while heading to warmer destinations ~ In the next few months thousands of people will head to warm locations like Florida, Arizona and Texas for a few months to escape the winter weather where they are from. It’s important for snowbirds to be aware of […]

Expert Tips for Winterizing Your Lawn & Garden For Your Coverage

By Rhianna Miller ~ The leaves are starting to fall and while the hard work of summer lawn and garden care may be over, now’s the time to tackle a few landscaping tasks that need to be finished before winter arrives. By completing these chores now, you will be able to jump right in when […]

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