TRIAD of Jefferson County – Mar. 2020

TRIAD: Keeping Your Life in Balance Nymbl uses “science of the brain” to improve balance. Nymbl takes fall prevention training away from the classroom and moves it to a lifestyle. The Triad of Jefferson County hosts this talk at 1:30 pm, Tuesday, March 24, at the Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office, 500 Jefferson County Parkway, […]

TRIAD of Jefferson County – Feb. 2020

TRIAD: Census Safety Citizens are encouraged to complete the 2020 Census, as this information is vital to Colorado’s planning and receipt of Federal funding. Learn how the Census questionnaire can be filled out, and how one can identify a true Census Survey or Census Worker from a fraudster digging for information. Join Kristian Blessington from […]

TRIAD of Jefferson County – Jan. 2020

TRIAD: Just Being Neighborly and Chili Warm-Up  Joe Page of the Golden Police Department will share ideas for neighborhood and personal safety. Then Dave Runyon talks about the importance of getting to know your neighbor and Lennie Rickman offers a demo of the app. The annual homemade chili warm-up starts the meeting, thanks to […]

TRIAD of Jefferson County – Nov. 2019

TRIAD: Tis the Season to Buy and Receive Safely It is the season of giving. As you prepare to purchase online, or in a line, the bad guys are watching to see it you are watching. Deputy Brad Herman, from the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department, speaks on safe purchasing tips, avoiding scams, and protecting your […]

TRIAD of Jefferson County – Sept. 2019

TRIAD: Key Into Computer Safety Whether you key into your computer, laptop, tablet, and/or phone you are keying into opportunities for scams. Join Cary Johnson to learn how to protect yourself from technological attacks to protect you and your information. The Triad of Jefferson County hosts this talk at 1:30 pm, Tuesday, September 24, at […]

Fall in Love with Golden!

From Autumn Events to Holiday Happenings, Golden is the Place to Be! Summer might be coming to a close, but beautiful Golden, Colorado is looking ahead to a colorful fall and happy holiday with annual events we’ve come to know and love and new happenings to discover. Here is  rundown of “what’s new” from Golden…

TRIAD: When You Worry About Someone You Know

TRIAD: When You Worry About Someone You Know Do you worry that a neighbor, friend, or perhaps yourself are not being properly cared for or not cared for at all? Jefferson County has two wonderful resources to turn to for help. Kris Boggs and Katie Williams of the Jefferson County Adult Protection Services, and Heather […]

Age-Friendly Jefferson County

Aging in a community that is inclusive, accessible, and supportive helps strengthen the well-being of all citizens. On Tuesday, June 11, Jefferson County was designated an Age-Friendly community by AARP and the World Health Organization’s Global Network for Age-friendly Cities and Communities . AARP representatives, Bob Murphy and Roberto Ray, presented the certificate.

TRIAD of Jefferson County – July 2019

TRIAD: Grilled Grubs and Gratitude July is the month we get out the grill and enjoy brats, burgers, and the works. We want to stop and pay tribute to TRIADs sponsoring agencies: Home Instead Senior Care, Law Offices of Karen Brady, P.C., Seniors Resource Center, and Accessible Systems. Come enjoy the fun! The Triad of […]

TRIAD of Jefferson County – May 2019

TRIAD: Beyond Fighting Fires: Services for Seniors Fire departments do more than put out fires, they often offer additional services to keep seniors safe in their homes. A panel of local fire departments will share their available senior programs. Let our first responders help keep you safe. The Triad of Jefferson County hosts this talk […]

TRIAD of Jefferson County – Mar. 2019

TRIAD: Pharmaceutical Savvy Learn about the safe use, storage, and disposal of prescription and over-the-counter medicines. Also hear about vaccination options (flu, shingles, pneumonia), over-medicating, and concerns about opioids. Join Dr. Sunny Linnebur, a Professor of Pharmacy at the University of Colorado, who specializes in medication management for older adults. The Triad of Jefferson County […]

TRIAD of Jefferson County – Feb. 2019

TRIAD: Suddenly Under Fire-Active Shooter The news too often reports of mass shootings at stores, churches, schools & other public places. Erik Baughman & JJ Smith of the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department will give us information on how to recognize signs of potential violence, how to respond, and what to expect after an active shooting […]

TRIAD of Jefferson County – Jan. 2019

TRIAD: Severe Weather Preparedness and Chili Warm Up Join CBS4 News meteorologist Chris Spears to explore the types of severe weather common in Colorado and how to keep informed on what lies ahead. Chris loves to talk weather, he teaches weather & climate classes at Metro State College. The annual homemade chili warm-up starts the […]

Jefferson County TRIAD – Oct. 2018

TRIAD: Unraveling the Medicare Maze Liz Tredennick talks about the 2019 process and changes for the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period (October 15-December 7, 2018). She will discuss and give real examples of Medicare fraud, waste, and abuse. Arm yourself with this information and facts, so that you do not fall prey to scammers’ schemes. The […]

TRIAD of Jefferson County – Aug. 2018

TRIAD: Wise Consumer Suzann Bacon-Taylor and Ezra Coopersmith of the Better Business Bureau will give tips on being a wise consumer. They’ll share an on-line scam tracker to help keep you safe. The Triad of Jefferson County hosts this talk at 1:30 pm, Tuesday, August 28, at the Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office, 500 Jefferson […]

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