Denver Art Museum presents The Skeletal World of José Guadalupe Posada in Oct. 2023

Iconic Mexican political lithographer has influenced generations of Latin American artists with satirical depth and social engagement ~ DENVER – Sept. 6, 2023 – The Denver Art Museum (DAM) will present The Skeletal World of José Guadalupe Posada, the 19th-century Mexican artist and lithographer whose illustrations of skeletal figures known as “calaveras” and “catrinas” have become an […]

Speaking with Light: Contemporary Indigenous Photography Focuses on Native Voices and Perspectives

Featuring New and Recent Works by More than 30 Indigenous Photographers, opens at the Denver Art Museum February 2023 ~ DENVER – The Denver Art Museum (DAM) will present Speaking with Light: Contemporary Indigenous Photography, one of the first major museum surveys to explore the practices of Indigenous photographers working over the past three decades. Featuring […]

Denver Art Museum presents Rugged Beauty: Antique Carpets from Western Asia in winter 2022

More than 40 artworks explore the craftsmanship of carpet weaving in west Asia over six centuries ~ Carpets from Western Asia, opening December 2022. This exhibition opens a window into the artistic and utilitarian innovations of weavers, domestic consumption and the cross-cultural exchanges between present-day Turkey, Iran and the Caucasus (Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia) from […]

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