Caregiver Support Group

Are you taking care of a family member, or another loved one who can’t take care of himself? If so, it is understandable that you might be stressed out by all the responsibilities associated with being a caregiver. Being on constant alert or helping people with the activities of daily living is often stressful. That is why Benefits in Action (BIA) is here to help. We are launching a Caregiver Support Group geared towards relieving some of the stress associated with caregiving. Are you interested in learning more about this program? If so, then continue reading this article for some detailed information on how the program works and how you can join.

BIA is proud to announce its Caregiver Support Group to help caregivers of older adults relieve stress and address caregiver fatigue. The group will focus on therapeutic care designed to get caregivers the support they need to effectively fulfill their role. Sessions will be held monthly beginning February 6, 2024. The therapeutic sessions will be led by a therapist with experience in family and support therapy, who will facilitate group discussions and get caregivers connected to each other. This will allow caregivers to get emotional support not only from a therapist, but also from their peers. 

So, what is a caregiver? A caregiver is an individual who cares for a family member or friend with or without compensation. Approximately 34 million individuals have provided caregiving services to adults over the age of 50 in the last 12 months. This isn’t surprising as most people will give or receive care at some point in their lives. In fact, here is a helpful quote from the late Rosalynn Carter that hopefully puts things in perspective.

There are only four types of people in this world: those who have been caregivers, those who are currently caregivers, those who will be caregivers, and those who will need caregivers. Caregiving is universal.

Caregivers provide constant companionship and a watchful eye to make sure their loved one is safe. This can take the form of helping individuals with tasks such as shopping, cooking, housekeeping, personal hygiene, and other activities of daily living. It can also take the form of making sure that those who can accomplish their activities of daily living but might be suffering from dementia are safe and have someone to advocate for them. It can also take the form of managing finances for people who are not able to manage their own financial accounts. No wonder caregiving can bring forth a whole range of emotions.

Our program will give you a chance to meet others who are caring for a loved one. By connecting with a therapist and others in your situation, you can talk to others and gain a sense of perspective that will help address potential caregiver fatigue. They can also talk about their concerns in a safe judgment-free environment. However, it is worth noting that the program does not provide individuals with an opportunity to become paid caregivers. That is a whole different process. 

Are you interested in the BIA caregiver support group? If so, our first session is on February 6, 2024, at 5:30pm. Feel free to contact BIA at 720-221-8354 or via email at for more information about the caregiver support group. We hope to see you on February 6, 2024. Until then, stay healthy and stay safe.

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