Patrick Baker on Technology

Emergency Contact Features on Android

By Patrick Baker ~ A smartphone enables you to call or text anyone from almost anywhere – especially during an emergency. Your Android smartphone can call emergency services, and share your location with first responders and persons you designate as emergency contacts.

Emergency Contact Features on iPhone

By Patrick Baker ~ One of the many advantages of having a smartphone is the ability to call or text anyone from almost anywhere – especially during an emergency. Your iPhone can call emergency services and share your location with first responders and persons you designate as emergency contacts.

Mental Health Apps

By Patrick Baker ~ During the pandemic, when people could not meet with therapists in person, mental health apps experienced a surge in usage, according to the National Institutes of Health. However, with numerous mental health apps to choose from, it’s important to know what to look for and which apps therapists recommend for their […]

Mindfulness and Meditation Apps

By Patrick Baker ~ People 55 and older face many stress-inducing challenges, such as chronic health conditions, financial worries, caregiving, relationship challenges, loneliness and isolation, and significant lifestyle changes like retirement, relocating, or losing a loved one. Learning to manage stress is one of many benefits of meditating.

Health and Nutrition Apps

By Patrick Baker ~ Developing sound health and nutrition habits requires some degree of self-discipline for almost anyone. Using apps on smartphones, watches, and tablets, we can collect and interpret data about what we eat and how often we exercise. The data helps us gain additional insights about what and how we’re doing and reinforces […]

Passkeys: the Solution to Our Password Problem?

By Patrick Baker ~ Imagine a time when you can easily and securely access your online accounts the same way you unlock your smartphone or computer, using a PIN or biometric data like your face or a fingerprint instead of a username and password. You can access your accounts on any device, and your credentials […]

Secure Your Facebook Account

By Patrick Baker ~ Facebook has an estimated 260 million users in the US, 22% of whom are over 55. However, people of any age are susceptible to someone impersonating or “spoofing” their account, exposing themselves and their Facebook friends to potential online scams and identity theft. Worst case, a bad actor could seize your […]

Secure Your Google Account

By Patrick Baker ~ Like other essential online accounts, your Google account needs protecting. A lost phone or password can create serious difficulties when accessing online accounts unless you take precautions.

Secure Your Primary Online Accounts – Part 1: Apple ID

By Patrick Baker ~ Recently, I’ve met numerous clients who had difficulty managing passwords and accessing the primary online accounts we rely on daily for using phones, tablets, and computers. Your essential online accounts – Apple ID, Google, Facebook, bank, brokerage, healthcare portal, and others – need protection. Losing a phone or password can create […]

What’s Your Story?

Recording your life story for family, friends, and posterity ~ By Patrick Baker ~ Anyone who lives long enough has a story to tell. How do you want family and friends to remember you? Our lived experiences include accomplishments and often contain essential life lessons. We witness significant historical events worth sharing. Storytelling is one […]

Understanding your digital footprint

By Patrick Baker ~ One day, you’re shopping for shoes online and then you’re seeing ads for those shoes on social media, news sites, or inside mobile apps. You’re beginning to notice a pattern. What you’re noticing is the influence of the digital footprint you create every time you go online and interact with content.

Sharing Digital Photos and Videos

By Patrick Baker ~ You returned from your summer vacation with hundreds of digital photos and dozens of short videos. Now what? How can you manage your photos and share them with family and friends? Since your camera is also part of the hand-held computer we call a smartphone, you can share your photos and […]

Fitness Tech

By Patrick Baker ~ Fitness encompasses many aspects of overall health and well-being. When we say “fitness,” we commonly think of our physical health exclusively. However, we are learning what some cultures have long known: the mind and body are connected and affect one another in ways we still don’t fully comprehend.

Older Adult Personal Safety Tech

By Patrick Baker ~ Longer lifespans allow us to learn and experience more of everything life has and enjoy relationships with family, friends, and loved ones. Longevity also has risks – physical and cognitive – that may require additional attention and support over time.

Essential Travel Apps

By Patrick Baker ~ All travel starts with a destination in mind. Your purpose in traveling (work or pleasure), how you get there, who you’re visiting, where to stay, how you’ll get around, and what you’ll do are all factors in choosing where to go. Independent of the kind of trip, destination, or activity, there’s […]

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