Patrick Baker on Technology

Find My Android Devices

By Patrick Baker ~ Last month, we discussed locating a misplaced, lost, or stolen iPhone, iPad, or MacBook. This month’s column focuses on how to find missing Android smartphones and tablets.

Find My Apple Devices

By Patrick Baker ~ One of the worst feelings in the world is the panic one feels when you can’t find your wallet, pack, or purse. That same feeling applies when you can’t locate your iPhone, iPad, or MacBook. Fortunately, the Find My app – included with all Apple operating systems – can help you […]

Virtual Volunteering

By Patrick Baker ~ Many people want to help their communities through volunteering, but how can you volunteer if you have time constraints, mobility issues, or lingering pandemic safety concerns? Fortunately, there are numerous options available for volunteering virtually. Let’s examine some of the choices available.

Essential Travel Apps

By Patrick Baker ~ Whether you’re traveling for work or pleasure, independent of the kind of trip, destination, or activity, there’s an app for that. Here are a few apps that help travelers plan their trips and make the most of their time at their destination. All apps noted are available for both iOS and […]

Smart Home Technology for Independent Living

By Patrick Baker ~ According to a recent survey by, almost 90 percent of older adults stated they intend to live in their current homes for the next five to ten years. Eighty-five percent of those respondents believed they could continue living in their homes without significant home modifications.

Smartphone Accessibility Features for Older Adults

By Patrick Baker ~ Last year, AARP said that smartphones were the most purchased item among those surveyed. Adoption of mobile technology among older adults has increased during the pandemic. However, the standard setup for nearly all smartphones does not acknowledge older adults’ unique physical needs, such as diminished vision and hearing. With that in […]

Privacy, Secure Messaging, and File Sharing

By Patrick Baker ~ Safeguarding your privacy in the world of technology requires knowledge and effort. Persons who utilize text messages, email, and social media need to be cautious about sharing personally-identifying information (PII) like your birth date, Social Security number, and other highly confidential information.

Managing Your Google Account for Estate Planning

By Patrick Baker ~ If you have a Google account, you’re in control of your data and the tools available to manage your account. But did you know you can tell Google how to manage your account as part of your estate plan? People use Google accounts and apps for email, creating and managing documents, […]

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