The Mindful Path

The Mindful Path – Self-Love

By Marilyn Halpern, LSW, ACSW ~ “To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.” – Oscar Wilde February offers an opportunity for you to reflect on how you can develop lifelong self-compassion. Does your love and care extend more fully to your spouse, children, friends, and pets than to yourself?  Self-love means you […]

The Mindful Path – The New Year, Putting the Pieces Together

By Marilyn Halpern, MSW, LSW ~ “The problem is that we always look for the missing piece of the puzzle instead of finding a place for the one in our hand.”  Alina Radoi National Puzzle Day is celebrated on January 29 every year. Winter is a wonderful time to begin working on a fun puzzle […]

The Mindful Path – The Gift of Winter

By Marilyn Halpern MSW, LSW ~ “Take a walk outside. It will serve you far more than pacing around in your mind.” – Rasheed Ogunlaru Colorado may be the best place to enjoy the year-round beauty of endless blue skies and sunny days. We often enjoy the favorable conditions to get out and get some […]

The Mindful Path – A Radiant Life

By Marilyn Halpern, LSW, MSW ~ “With the right words, you can change the world.” Charlotte’s Web The quintessential, farm classic “Charlotte’s Web” debuted 70 years ago, on October 15, 1952. Author E.B. White crafted this enduring tale of friendship.  The book has remained in print for decades to be celebrated by teachers, grandparents, parents, […]

The Mindful Path – Harvest

By Marilyn Halpern, MSW, LSW ~ Have you savored vine-ripped tomatoes, a Palisade peach, juicy watermelon or enjoyed Colorado sweet corn this summer? I hope so! The abundance of fresh flavors can be found at your local farmers’ market or neighborhood grocery store. It’s time to celebrate the harvest literally and figuratively.

The Mindful Path – The Buzz

By Marilyn Halpern, MSW, LSW ~ According to the Center for Biodiversity, of the 4000 native species of bees in North America and Hawaii, 50% of the species are declining and 25% are in the perilous danger zone extinction.  In Colorado, we have 946 species of bees. Some estimate that pollinators, most often bees, literally […]

The Mindful Path – Dream Big

By Marilyn Halpern MSW, LSW ~ National Moon Day is celebrated each year on July 20th to commemorate the Apollo 11 moon landing. In 1969, Commander Neil Armstrong and astronaut Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin were the first humans to walk on the moon’s surface. Michael Collins, the command module pilot, assisted with the mission.

The Mindful Path – Spring Healing

By Marilyn Halpern, MSW, LSW ~ As new shoots appear out of the soil, the first buds on the trees burst into color and tiny leaves unfurl, our hearts fill with hope. Spring is an integral part of the reawakening life cycle. It provides an opportunity for us to reflect on our vision and purpose. […]

The Mindful Path: Prevention and Protection

By Marilyn Halpern, MSW, LSW ~ Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.  -Arthur Ashe Every April, the Office of Minority Health (OMH) observes National Minority Health Month to highlight the importance of improving the health of racial and ethnic minorities and reducing health disparities.

The Mindful Path – Be Happy!

By Marilyn Halpern, MSW, LSW ~ March 20th is International Day of Happiness. The theme for this year is ‘Build Back Happier.’ Exploring the theme further, the non-profit Action for Happiness ( provides three ways you can celebrate the International Day of Happiness:

The Mindful Path – Positive Change

By Marilyn Halpern ~ The fresh new year is upon us. Bundled up in the hopes and expectations of 2022 is the lingering weight of the pandemic. I have been reading “The New Normal: A Roadmap to Resilience in the Pandemic Era” by Dr. Jennifer Ashton. I have found this to be an excellent resource […]

The Mindful Path – Meaningful Gifts

By Marilyn Halpern, MSW, LSW ~ “Real generosity toward the future lies in giving all to the present.”  – Albert Camus Many of us have seen images of the record-breaking container ships tranquilly docked in the ocean waiting to enter the ports. An aerial view captures the enormous backlog of containers stacked high. There is […]

The Mindful Path: Connection through Compassionate Listening

By Marilyn Halpern, MSW, LSW ~ “Listening is an attitude of the heart, a genuine desire to be with another which both attracts and heals.”  -L. J. Isham

The Mindful Path – Explore Mindfulness

By Marilyn Halpern MSW, LSW ~ “Mindfulness is awareness that arises through paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgmentally.” -Jon Kabat-Zinn Mindfulness Day is Sunday, September 12th. This celebration began in 2011 when the nonprofit Wisdom Publications decided to promote mindfulness and raise awareness about its benefits. As a practice, mindfulness can […]

The Mindful Path – Let’s Go Outdoors

By Marilyn Halpern, MSW, LSW ~ “Walk outdoors, stand there in silence, look up and contemplate how amazing life can be.” -Unknown Sunday, August 15th is National Relaxation Day. Many find the best place to heal and recharge is in nature. Yet, as time goes by Americans are spending less time outdoors. Now, it is […]

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