Staying Connected While Staying Healthy

Since COVID-19 lockdowns started earlier this year, older adults have been told to stay home and away from others, to keep “safe.”  But that isolation has a cost: depression, loneliness and even declining health. While the pandemic brings an unusual and unforeseen set of circumstances, I want to suggest we seek balance.  We know there […]

Creative Eldering – Nov. 2020 – Your Gallbladder

Your body was equipped with a gallbladder when you were born, hopefully you still have it.  Sadly, many people lose their gallbladder to the surgeon’s knife at no fault of the gallbladder itself.  The fault lays typically with person’s digestive function.  Some people eat too much at a time, too fast and do not chew […]

The Mindful Path – Eat Smart Month

By  Marilyn Halpern, LSW, MSW ~ Every year, the American Heart Association (AHA) strategically picks November as Eat Smart Month.  Thanksgiving often marks the beginning of the holiday season and an annual uptick in caloric intake. Celebrate healthy eating with free, inspiration and motivation by texting 51555 and submitting the keyword DailyHack.  Participate and receive […]

The Frequency of Gratitude

By Kirsten Antony R.N. ~ As we gather around to celebrate Thanksgiving this year, things may appear different from years’ past.  We may be missing loved ones surrounding us in our homes, our dinner table may have a reduced bounty of delicious foods and our thoughts may gravitate toward the losses we have endured this […]

Fall Prevention Awareness

As the saying goes,”Falls are not a normal part of aging” and there are many strategies that one can take to reduce their risk of falls. Some risk factors leading to falls include fear of falling, balance problems, previous falls, muscle weakness, home hazards, some medications, and vision impairments. Some of these risk factors can […]

A Holistic Approach to Anxiety: Sound Healing

By Kirsten Antony R.N. ~ Sound healing has been making quite the noise lately.  From yoga studios to sound baths to resonant chambers, ancient techniques known as sound healing are assisting in relieving stress and anxiety worldwide.  Through the use of music, instruments and through the power of our own voice, sound can be healing […]

Creative Eldering – Oct. 2020 – Your Triple Warmer

You do have a Meridian in the upper half of your body called the Triple Warmer Meridian. Historically, there has not been a specific organ ascribed to this energy pathway.  Thinking of this Meridian as a group of physiological functions, rather than a discrete anatomical organ is a helpful point to remember.  Your Triple Warmer […]

9Health Offers New Options To Access Preventive Health Screenings

Denver, Colo. — September 15, 2020 —Health and wellbeing has never been more important than now during the global pandemic and that’s why 9Health has revamped its offerings to bring preventive screenings to people in new ways. With 9Health, you can access preventive health screenings your way with options at 9Health Fairs, Quest Diagnostics Patient Service […]

COVID-19 pandemic makes preventing the seasonal flu more critical than ever

DDPHE reminds residents that prevention is key: Get a flu shot, keep washing those hands~ DENVER – The Denver Department of Public Health & Environment (DDPHE) reminds everyone that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, reducing the spread of other illnesses, such as the seasonal flu, is more critical than ever.

A Holistic Approach to Anxiety: Mindfulness

By Kirsten Antony, R.N. ~ In numerous ways, pandemic of COVID-19 has affected us all worldwide.  Escalating feelings of anxiety are impacting the health and well-being of so many people.  By becoming aware of our beingness: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, we can learn techniques of mindfulness to help combat feelings of stress, worry or […]

4 Tips For Avoiding Hair Loss In COVID Times

People go partially or fully bald for any number of reasons – hormones, genetics and aging, among others – but in the middle of a pandemic-fueled recession, one factor is taking center stage. Stress. “Stress certainly can contribute to hair loss because it can affect hormone levels,” says Dr. Patrick Angelos ( author of The Science […]

Is 75 the new 25?

Report: Regular exercise helps men feel, look decades younger ~ MUNCIE, Indiana – Regular exercise over a lifetime may help mitigate the impact of aging on the human body by keeping chronic inflammation at bay, says a new study from Ball State University. “Effects of Aging and Lifelong Aerobic Exercise on Basal and Exercise-Induced Inflammation” finds that […]

9Health Offers Covid-19 Antibody Testing & Preventive Health Screenings

Denver, Colo. — July 20, 2020 — For more than 40 years, 9NEWS and 9Health have maintained a partnership focused on keeping Colorado healthy through preventive care and health awareness. Through a continued collaboration with Quest Diagnostics, 9Health will offer COVID-19 antibody testing*** and preventive health screenings at Quest Diagnostics Patient Service Centers throughout Colorado.

Creative Eldering – August 2020 – Your Kidneys

Your Kidneys are protected by your lower ribs and are nestled in the back region of your abdominal cavity.  Wearing a kidney belt, as some athletes and truck drivers do, is a way to augment the protection that your ribs provide your kidneys.  Each kidney is roughly the size of a closed fist and has […]

Breath & Movement: Staying Calm, Steady & Strong

By Cate Reade, MS, RD, SFS ~ In a few short months, our world has turned upside down.  Each day we find ourselves navigating an unfamiliar landscape filled with novel stressors that can throw us and our self-care routines out of balance.  Our physical and mental resilience has never been more important as the life-threatening […]

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