Denver Department of Public Health & Environment Urges Caution as West Nile Virus Cases Increase

Severe mosquito season leading to a spike in cases across Colorado ~ DENVER— The Denver Department of Public Health & Environment (DDPHE) is urging residents to take caution after several suspected cases of West Nile virus have been reported in the last three weeks. DDPHE disease intervention specialists are currently investigating six cases of West Nile […]

Report reveals importance of social connection among older Coloradoans

By Dr. Matthew Husa, Chief Medical Officer for UnitedHealthcare in Colorado ~ The pandemic affected everyone in unprecedented ways. Social connections and support systems were heavily impacted, especially those of America’s older adults. The social relationships that are fostered by an active community decreased, and challenges in seniors’ health rose.

With predictions of another hot summer ahead, staying hydrated and protecting the skin is a top priority – especially for older adults

By Stacey Johnson, RN, NHA ~ Yes, Colorado has had an unusually long stretch of damp, cloudy weather this spring in a state that typically enjoys soaring June temperatures and plenty of sunshine. But the sunshine is back and temps are rising which, as always, means more time relaxing, exercising and playing in Colorado’s great […]

Three Tips to Help Men Make Health a Priority This Summer

By Dr. Amit Arwindekar, Medical Director, UnitedHealthcare Global ~ Summer is a great time to focus on fitness, especially for men. While for some men their health may be a secondary concern, the summer months offer an opportune time to help raise awareness of the health challenges men face and encourage them to take action […]

Reducing Inflammation Through Diet: You Are What You Eat

By Gwyneth Short, MS, ATC, CMT ~ Inflammation occurs in response to tissue damage in the body. This can be a result of illness, injury, or an allergic reaction. Inflammation is a healthy response and the body’s way to initiate healing. When the inflammation becomes chronic, however, it can be linked to diseases such as […]

For Men, Good Health Often Depends on Health Awareness and Early Screenings

By Hector Frisbie, PA-C – New West Physicians, part of Optum Colorado ~ Some of the statistics on men’s health are alarming. Life expectancy for men in the U.S. is 76.2 years; for women, it’s 81.2 years. More than 40%  of men 20 and over are obese and 13.2% of men over 18 are in […]

Expansion Of Dental Services For Older Adults

By Eileen Doherty, MS ~ Medical experts, policymakers, and political leaders are all starting to not only realize the importance of dental care but are expanding the financial support to help older adults pay for dental services.   Starting July 1, 2023 adults on Medicaid will be eligible to receive additional dental care as the […]

DDPHE Celebrates Mental Health Awareness Month

Expands Wellness Winnie Services ~ DENVER—The Denver Department of Public Health & Environment (DDPHE) celebrates Mental Health Awareness Month as an opportunity to raise awareness around mental health by providing support, fighting stigma, and education. The latest addition to mental and behavioral health services includes an expansion of the Wellness Winnie program, Denver’s mobile behavioral […]

Avoiding trips and falls leads to healthy aging

Older adults can learn to avoid trips and falls plus schedule a mobility assessment through the Douglas County Health Department. This important topic will be discussed on Thursday, June 1st at the Seniors’ Council of Douglas County meeting held at the Douglas County Miller Building, Conference Rooms A&B, in Castle Rock.  The meeting is from […]

Physical Inactivity and its impact on balance

Physical activity begins with your balance ~ Hi, I’m Dr. Nathan Estrada—Nymbl’s resident physical therapist and fall prevention expert. Your health and wellness matter to us at PrimeTime and at Nymbl.

Take a deeper dive into dual-tasking and its impact on keeping us healthier and more mobile, for longer

Hi, I’m Dr. Nathan Estrada—Nymbl’s resident physical therapist and fall prevention expert. Your health and wellness matter to us at PrimeTime and at Nymbl. As the second fastest aging state in the country, Colorado has become the focus of many new aging well solutions.

Health and Nutrition Apps

By Patrick Baker ~ Developing sound health and nutrition habits requires some degree of self-discipline for almost anyone. Using apps on smartphones, watches, and tablets, we can collect and interpret data about what we eat and how often we exercise. The data helps us gain additional insights about what and how we’re doing and reinforces […]

Three Ways to Use Your Health Plan to Boost Your Well-Being in 2023

By Dr. Donna O’Shea, Chief Medical Officer of Population Health, UnitedHealthcare ~ By this time each year, many Coloradoans have likely made – and broken – a wellness-related resolution, such as ramping up exercise or eating more fruits and vegetables. In fact, one study found that around 80% of resolutions end in failure, often within the first […]

Osteopathic Medicine Explained at Seniors’ Council Meeting

The healthcare needs of older adults are unique.  According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 85% of older adults have at least one chronic health condition.  While medical advances have made a huge difference in the treatment and management of chronic diseases, prevention is a critical piece of healthy aging.  A healthy […]

What do your cholesterol numbers mean?

By Dr. Matthew Husa, Chief Medical Officer, UnitedHealthcare of Colorado & Wyoming ~ When you go to the doctor for a routine physical, your primary care provider might have you get your blood drawn to check your cholesterol. Those numbers are important as they help you understand your risk of heart disease or stroke.

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