Fraud Alerts

SSA and its Inspector General Announce New Online Reporting Form for Imposter Scam Calls

Andrew Saul, Commissioner of Social Security, and Gail S. Ennis, the Inspector General for the Social Security Administration, announce the launch of a dedicated online form at to receive reports from the public of Social Security-related scams. These scams—in which fraudulent callers mislead victims into making cash or gift card payments to avoid arrest for purported […]

Government Agencies Don’t Dial for Dollars

By Chris Myklebust ~ Last month, I described practical things you can do to protect yourself from frauds that are perpetrated through social networks. A focus on awareness as to what criminals can learn about you and your friends should inspire you to think things through when someone asks you for money online. Remember, criminals […]

Be smart with your smart phone

Just like getting used to a computer took time, older adults have taken their time with the movement toward smart phones. But now the floodgates have opened. Our families have encouraged us to procure a smart phone and many times they’ve purchased it for us.

College Loan & Scholarship Scams

By Beth McCann, Denver District Attorney ~ Scammers see back-to-school time as an opportunity to take advantage of students and their parents who are new to student loans and scholarships. The following are common types of back-to-school scams, along with some tips to avoid falling victim to them.

Social Security Scam Calls: How to Protect Yourself

By Justin Lavelle ~ At first, Teresa Jensen ignored the robocall phone messages: “We just suspended your Social Security number because we found some suspicious activity,” it said. But with repeated warnings over the course of a day, she decided to call the number provided. Someone who spoke with an accent answered. “I asked him […]

Our Hope for Investors 

By Chris Myklebust, Securities Commissioner ~ At the Colorado Division of Securities, we regularly witness the awful sense of loss experienced by people that fall prey to a variety of scams.  Sometimes, by the time we learn about a scam it is much too late to keep a tragic financial loss from occurring.  As if […]

Military Members Protect the U.S., and We Can Help Return the Favor When it comes to Scams

By Jillian Sarmo, Investor Education and Public Affairs Coordinator ~ July is National Military Consumer Protection Month, and for anyone who has family members in the service, or who themselves served, it’s a great time for a refresher on the scams that target this population. Particularly for those who may have children or grandchildren, nieces or […]

Scams Come In Many Different Forms

Social Security is at the forefront of keeping your online data secure, but you play a vital role in safeguarding your personal information too.

Senior Identity Theft: How to Stay Safe

By Greg Mahnken ~ You’ve heard all the advice for keeping your identity safe in today’s day and age. Don’t give out personal information on the phone. Legitimate agencies will never call you and demand payment over the phone. Never wire money to a stranger.

A New Question from your Broker

By Jillian Sarmo, Investor Education and Public Affairs Coordinator ~ The world is complicated, and as much as we sometimes don’t want to admit that we need help from time to time, we all do. This can be especially true when it comes to our financial well-being, and is perhaps most important to recognize and accept […]

DenverConnect Delivers an Innovative Satellite Community Center To Older Adults

Office of the Attorney General, Denver Mayor’s Office, and other local agencies partner to combat isolation and fraud ~ Apr. 12, 2019 (DENVER, Colo.) — Attorney General Phil Weiser, Denver Mayor Michael B. Hancock and Jayla Sanchez Warren, Director of the Area Agency on Aging today launched DenverConnect, an innovative mobile resource center that will […]

Facebook is Known for Spreading Fake News, but How About Financial Fraud?

By Jillian Sarmo, Investor Education and Public Affairs Coordinator ~ More and more older Americans are using social media every day, including to help guide investment decisions. Whether it is to research particular stocks, to find background information on financial professionals, to gather up-to-date news, or to discuss the markets with others, social media – web-based […]

Senior Scams

By Tamra K. Waltemath, P.C. ~ I have had clients bring in letters from companies that offer to sell them a copy of the deed for their home for $89.00. These letters look very official. Multiple businesses send these letters, including Property Transfer Services, Record Transfer Services, Conveyance Transfer Services, Record Retrieval Department, and National […]

Don’t Bet On the House: Avoiding Real Estate Scams

By Jillian Sarmo, Investor Education and Public Affairs Coordinator ~ Despite what some have called a “cooling effect” on the real estate market in Colorado, home sales are still booming, and as we head into the spring season, it’s worth refreshing the topic of real estate scams. Scammers are always on the hunt, and they take […]

Scammers Go to College

By Beth McCann, Denver DA ~ You and your child have discussed all the potential pitfalls of being away at college.  You’ve had the “I know you are an adult now, but I won’t be there to protect you if something goes wrong,” conversation. Hopefully you’ve told them not to leave their beverage unattended at […]

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