Boulder Concert Band Summer Concerts

These are concerts that the Boulder Concert Band will be performing. All are free, sponsored by Boulder Parks and Rec.

L to R: Lisa Walling, Forest Lord #1; Shana Abe, Jaques; Noelle Raelson, Forest Lord #2; Bev Allen, Duke Senior

Shakespeare in the Sangres at the Historic Jones Theater in Westcliffe

Begins This Weekend and Runs Through July 7 ~ Westcliffe, CO June 10, 2024–The Westcliffe Center for the Performing Arts’ popular Shakespeare in the Sangres kicks off this weekend–June 14, 2024 and runs through July 7 with As you Like It by…

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Powers Art Center in Carbondale

Carbondale, Colorado, May 29, 2024– The Powers Art Center is pleased to announce its  latest Jasper Johns’ Exhibit, Not Mine But Taken, opening June 1, 2024, and continuing until  May 3, 2025.

Alzheimer’s Patients’ Cognition Improves with Sargramostim (GM-CSF), New Study Shows

Clinical trial participants saw memory-enhancing benefits and disease modifying activities  when taking Sargramostim ~ AURORA, Colo. (March 24, 2021) – A new study suggests that Sargramostim, a medication often used to boost white blood cells after cancer treatments, is also…

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Ramblings of a Rambler – June 2024

By Bill Watson, Publisher Prime Time News ~ Hi Prime Timers! It’s starting to warm up. Deb and I had company visiting from Pennsylvania the last week of May. It was great to spend that time with them and talk…

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Arvada Celebrates 120 Years

Arvada – (May 20, 2024) The City of Arvada, in partnership with Visit Arvada, the Arvada Economic Development Association (AEDA), the Olde Town Business Improvement District (BID), the Arvada Chamber of Commerce and other local partners will be celebrating the 120th…

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Staying Safe: How to Handle Threats, Scams, and More

By Krista Hanley, We Are Safer Together LLC ~ Have you ever been in a situation that didn’t feel right, but you didn’t know what to do? I teach safety classes, and I’m constantly thinking of how to keep the…

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AI, Our Aging Population, and the Future

By Patrick Baker ~ Last time, I described the current state of artificial intelligence (AI) in 2024, how older adults might benefit from its use in daily life, and some AI systems you can currently use. This follow-up article discusses…

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The Mindful Path – Let Nature Heal You

By Marilyn Halpern, MSW, LSW ~ “Walk outdoors, stand there in silence, look up and contemplate how amazing life can be.” -Unknown June is the Great Outdoors Month.  Many find the best place to heal and recharge is in nature….

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Hearing Loss Contributes To Epidemic Of L.Onelinss And Isolation

By Eileen Doherty, MS ~ Denver, Colo. – The United States Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy has issued an Advisory on the US Epidemic of loneliness and isolation.  Dr. Murthy noted “the epidemic of loneliness and isolation has been an…

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Financial Focus: How is your retirement income taxed?

Once you’re retired, you will likely need to draw on several types of income for your living expenses. You’ll need to know where these funds are coming from and how much you can count on, but you should also be…

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Bank Fraud

Have you heard about Medicare Fraud Awareness Week? If not, now is the time to learn about it. This year, it is the week containing June 5 (6/5), and runs from June 3 to June 9. The reason for this…

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Buzzword Ban: ‘Balls in the Air’ Voted Most Loathed Corporate Jargon by Colorado Employees

Poll of employees reveals 2024’s most detested corporate buzzwords. Coloradans also loathe ‘Change Agent’ and ‘Bleeding Edge’. Infographic showing survey results. 

Re-Release of Mary Elitch’s 1932 Biography

The story of an early-Denver pioneer & entrepreneur ~ [Denver, May 6, 2024] — Denver had only been a city for 30 years, and Colorado had only been a state for 15 years, but ambitious entrepreneurs with names like Larimer,…

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Stroke Awareness: What You Need to Know

By Dr. James Yeash, D.O., family medicine, New West Physicians, part of Optum ~ Did you know someone in the U.S. has a stroke every 40 seconds? Every three and a half minutes, someone dies of a stroke. Thankfully in…

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