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Keep your cool with these 10 summertime eating tips

By Barbra Cohn ~ It’s summertime and the livin’ is easy—or at least we’d like it to be. This summer is especially hot all over the world. If you’re tired and stressed out from caregiving, these tips will help you stay cooler in summer. The same information applies to those we care for. . . […]

Can you Grow and Eat Flowers?

~ By Carol Giambri ~ Here, in Colorado, we still have time to start a garden from seeds or buy flower plants. Challenge yourself to have edible flowers and use them in your meals, decorating a table, making flower arrangements, preparing essential oils or herbal medicines. Know what you are doing before experimenting with things […]

Are You An Apple Lover?

Apples are a delicious fruit and full of nutrients.  And, there are many ways to use them.  They contain phytonutrients and help regulate your blood sugar.  Check with your doctor always for your health concerns. You may not have a yard.  Maybe your neighbor does?  Or, your friend?  All it takes is asking.   I just […]

Surprise Mom With Overnight Egg Dish

Serve up a tasty brunch surprise for Mom on Mother’s Day. It’s an easy overnight egg dish like you’ve never tasted before —  fresh apples and apple-chicken sausage are the new ingredients that give it extra zip. Whether you set up a pretty breakfast-in-bed tray or make place settings for the whole family at your kitchen […]

Eggs 101: Getting back to basics

— Local Farmers Explain Egg Terminology — DENVER – In trying to lead healthier, leaner lifestyles many people have become much more interested in what exactly goes into making their food, including their eggs. It’s normal for people to want to know what they’re putting in their bodies and how it can affect them. Because there are […]

Grand Play – “An Apple a Day”

Apples might just be the official fruit of autumn, and now they are at their peak, ripe for kids and grown-ups alike to enjoy. Here are a few ideas to help make the most of this fall favorite with the toddlers and preschoolers in your life! ~ Homemade Applesauce ~ Take an afternoon and go […]

Holiday Recipes

Mmmmm. The smells of the holidays. One of my fondest holiday memories was in the kitchen with mom and dad making holiday treats. They ran a small business from home that sold holiday candies, cookies, and anything you could imagine covered in chocolate! Then the pies! Whether it’s baking with family, loved ones, or even […]

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