Doris Beaver

Colorado’s Citizen Legislature – July 2023

By Doris Beaver ~ The first session of the 74th General Assembly adjourned on June 9. Looking over the legislation, phrases such as “increase ttransparency for patients, “more transparency,” “improve health equity for patients across Colorado,” save money on prescription drugs” and “protect consumers from high costs,” are phrases taken from significant pieces of legislation, […]

Colorado’s Citizen Legislature – May 2023

By Doris Beaver ~ Senate Bill 23-033: SB 033 legislation concerns “Prior Authorization Exemption for Medical Coverage of Medications Treating Serious Mental Illness,” and is covered to inform readers about the inter-workings of the legislature.

Colorado’s Citizen Legislature – April 2023

By Doris Beaver ~ At present, the dearth of legislation pertaining to the “over 50  crowd,” means looking out over the total legislative “landscape” at different segments of the population. Senate Bill 23-004: The powers that be in this country have finally recognized the magnitude of the mental health crisis pervading almost every state of […]

Colorado’s Citizen Legislature – Mar. 2023

By Doris Beaver ~ Maybe its just the bitter cold, but it seems things are moving a little slow down under the Gold Dome. Hopefully, warmer days are just over the divide. Readers, please note, April’s column will cover a somewhat related bill, House Bill 23-1052, concerning modification of property tax exemption for veterans with […]

Colorado’s Citizen Legislature – Feb. 2023

Opening day for the General Assembly was January 12th; another session is well underway. House Bill 22-1035:  HB 1035 concerns “Modernization of the ‘Older Americans Act,’ and runs a whopping 24 pages. The “modernization” is very extensive as to the establishment of a Commission on Aging in the state department of Colorado. The purpose and […]

Colorado’s Citizen Legislature – June 2022

By Doris Beaver ~ Despite yet another legislative session with the COVID 19 pandemic plaguing the country gas and inflation, the highest since the 1970s – Colorado seems to be on track for a banner tourist year. Old timers would venture an opinion, “it’s been a long time since such a blast of snow so […]

Colorado’s Citizen Legislature – May 2022

By Doris Beaver ~ Senate Bill 22-053: Senate Bill 22-053, to be referred to as “No Patient or Resident Left Alone Act,” is most likely in response to the pandemic when families were not allowed to visit residents in nursing care facilities or assisted living residents. 

Colorado’s Citizen Legislature – April 2022

By Doris Beaver ~ It seems almost surreal to be writing about legislation with the national news opening each segment about War – the war in Ukraine.   Senate Bill 22-154:

Colorado’s Citizen Legislature – Feb. 2021

By Doris Beaver ~ Opening day for the General Assembly was January 12th, and another session is well underway.  House Bill 22-1035:

Colorado’s Citizen Legislature – July 2021

By Doris Beaver ~ The Colorado General Assembly managed to complete its legislative business and adjourned on June 8th, four days ahead of its originally scheduled adjournment date of June 12th. Today’s column reviews the remaining legislation from February, March, April, May, and June, not previously acted on by the Governor. Legislation was signed in […]

Colorado’s Citizen Legislature – May – June 2021

By Doris Beaver ~ May 2021 The General Assembly has been most unusual this session. As adjournment date (June 12th) approaches, today’s column will be the final for this session. Give a read in the July issue of Prime Time for what happened to the legislation not already signed by the Governor.

Colorado’s Citizen Legislature – April, 2021

HOUSE BILL 21-1172: HB 1172 concerns a subject that’s a real sore point for people who have loved ones in health-care facilities. The pandemic prevented this writer from seeing/visiting her Mother for the last nine months of her life last year. It is a gut-wrenching good-bye with no closure.

Colorado’s Citizen Legislature – Mar. 2021

By Doris Beaver ~ House Bill 21-1048: HB 1048 concerns “a requirement that retail establishments accept United States currency for purchases (if an individual accepting payment is present).” While HB 1048 does not specifically pertain to the over 50 crowd, any requirement that requires purchases be paid for with means other than cash would most […]

Colorado’s Citizen Legislature – Feb. 2021

By Doris Beaver ~ Colorado’s First Regular Session of the 73rd General Assembly began on January 13, 2021, with a new Speaker in charge in the House, Representative Alec Garnett, who represents Denver’s District 2.  President Leroy M. Garcia is serving his second term in the Senate and resides in Pueblo’s District 3.

Colorado’s Citizen Legislature – July 2020

By Doris Beaver ~ Colorado’s legislature adjourned on June 15th, 2020. As covered in the June column, the later than statute-set adjournment date (May 6th this year) was allowed by the Colorado Supreme Court ruling. This July column provides what happened or did not happen to the legislation written about in the February through May […]