Doris Beaver

Colorado’s Citizen Legislature – July 2020

By Doris Beaver ~ Colorado’s legislature adjourned on June 15th, 2020. As covered in the June column, the later than statute-set adjournment date (May 6th this year) was allowed by the Colorado Supreme Court ruling. This July column provides what happened or did not happen to the legislation written about in the February through May […]

Colorado’S Citizen Legislature – April 2020

Here is the status of the Colorado General Assembly taken from its website: Pursuant to HJR20-1007, the Second Regular Session of the 72nd General Assembly is Temporarily Adjourned until 10:00 a.m. Monday, March 30, 2020. 

Colorado’s Citizen Legislature – Mar. 2020

By Doris Beaver ~ House Bill 20-1140: HB 1140 concerns direct primary care service for medicaid recipients.  Under current law, “health care providers that treat Medicaid clients are prohibited by state and federal law from accepting payment from Medicaid clients outside of the terms set by the Medicaid program.” HB 1140, if passed, makes an […]

Colorado’s Citizen Legislature – Feb. 2020

By Doris Beaver ~ Welcome to 2020 and Colorado’s Citizen Legislature! House Bill 1060: HB 1060 is probably one of the most gruesome bills to ever hit the halls down under the Gold Dome. Titled “Concerning the Conversion of Human Remains to Basic Elements Within a Container Using an Accelerated Process,” the bill “authorizes human […]

Colorado’s Citizen Legislature – June 2019

By Doris Beaver ~ The column for June presents readers with what happened to the legislation written about in Colorado’s Citizen Legislature during the 2019 legislative session. Senate Bill 19-072: SB 072 was postponed on February 14th. SB 072 would have established a bill of rights for persons protected through guardianship and defined a “protected […]

Colorado’S Citizen Legislature – May 2019

By Doris Beaver ~ Colorado’s General Assembly adjourns on May 3rd. The June column of Colorado’s Citizen Legislature will present readers with what happened to legislation written about this session. House Bill 19-1317: Titled “The Creation of a Refundable Income Tax Credit for Qualifying Seniors that Replaces the Senior Property Tax Exemption, and in Connection […]

Colorado’s Citizen Legislature – April 2019

Senate Bill 19-172: Titled “Crimes Related to An At-Risk Person, and In Connection Therewith, Creating the Crimes of Unlawful Abandonment and Unlawful Confinement,” SB 172 is has yet to have its first committee hearing, despite its significance. The legislative declaration states that “abuse and neglect of senior citizens, people with disabilities, and other at-risk adults […]

Colorado’s Citizen Legislature – Mar. 2019

By Doris Beaver ~ Senate Bill 19-005: As introduced, SB 002 creates new Article 51 in Title 25 of the Colorado Revised Statutes, to be known as the “Colorado Wholesale Importation of Prescription Drugs Act” for the exclusive benefit of Colorado residents. The legislative declaration points out:

Colorado’s Citizen Legislature – Feb. 2019

By Doris Beaver, Welcome readers to another year of legislating down under the Gold Dome. With a new sheriff (a.k.a. Governor) in town and the Democrats in charge of the House of Representatives and in the Senate, it will no doubt be quite a different show this year.

Colorado’s Citizen Legislature – June 2018

By Doris Beaver ~ Each year, a recap is provided to readers of Prime Time for Seniors of just what happened to the bills written about during the regular legislative session of the Colorado General Assembly. House Bill 18-1091: Signed by the Governor on May 29th, HB 1091 provides for significant amendments to the Colorado […]

Colorado’s Citizen Legislature – May 2018

By Doris Beaver ~ House Bill 18-1380: The state of Colorado makes available to low-income seniors or individuals with a disability two types of annual state assistance grants relating to his or her property, administered by the Colorado Department of Revenue: 1) a grant for their property taxes or rent paid, with the latter being deemed […]

Colorado’s Citizen Legislature – April 2018

~ By Doris Beaver ~ “In federal fiscal year 2016, over ten thousand people died waiting to be approved for federal disability benefits,” – a statistic that should haunt every legislator in this country. House Bill 18-1192: The “maze” of paperwork for those in need of federal disability benefits can be daunting and downright frustrating […]

Colorodo’s Citizen Legislature – Mar. 2018

~ By Doris Beaver ~ From timed to time, politicians in Washington stand up so sanctimoniously and “moan” that the only way to deal with this country’s budget and deficit problems is to rein in or end the charity programs of Medicare and Medicaid. Far too many of that group have never worked for a […]

Colorado’s Citizen Legislature – Feb. 2018

~ By Doris Beaver ~ The year since readers last heard from the this writer, one would have to agree, has been like none other in American politics. It is sad indeed that the national fall out on sexual harassment finally reached our local legislature, and is taking up time that should be devoted to […]

Colorado’s Citizen Legislature – July 2017

~ By Doris Beaver ~ House Bill 17-1116: The limit on continued conditional funding for energy related assistance to low-income households from the severance tax operational fund has been removed, and will now be eligible for conditional funding indefinitely. Low-income households, and yes, far too many Seniors will be able to breath a sigh of […]

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