Castle Rock Senior Reflects on Pandemic’s Silver Lining

As we mark the one-year anniversary of COVID-19 lockdowns, we’ll be hearing a lot about the bleak reality of the last 12 months – lives lost, economic declines and emotional strain. But we hope the Southeast Denver and Castle Rock communities also hear about local glimmers of good, of positivity, of connection, of resilience. While they may seem small, these silver linings continue to re-instill our hope for brighter days ahead.

For instance, while seniors have been disproportionately impacted by the pandemic, many have increased time spent with their grandchildren and truly connected through virtual or remote means. Others are now thriving at home with their adult children after transitioning from senior facilities.

In fact, a recent survey by Home Instead found that despite the restrictions of the pandemic 29% of seniors feel they have created deeper connections with loved ones. Of those who have deepened their connections 57% say they now talk more frequently. Much of this is a result of adapting to new technologies, which 72% of seniors say they will continue to use to connect after the pandemic is over.

Many seniors in the Castle Rock are have experienced these silver linings firsthand due to one inspirational CAREGiver from Home Instead that was actually hired mid pandemic. Marty McGee began at Home Instead last July and began painting with his clients. One in particular, Virginia, has memory loss, anxiety and depression, but Marty has done several art pieces with Virginia, including one that she painted herself and has framed on her wall.  Now when she exhibits anxiety, Marty shows her the art that she made and she feels proud.

After a year of seemingly endless heavy, hopeless news, we could all use some uplifting stories. Marty would be happy to speak with you and help spread some much-needed hope at this time. We can also connect you with Kristin Goluska, owner of Home Instead in Castle Rock to share other uplifting moments that caregivers have witnessed amid the challenges of the pandemic. Let us know if we can connect you.

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Article by Mollie Dougherty

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