National Donor Day

United States, February 6th, 2023 – Most celebrate February 14th as Valentine’s Day with chocolates, roses, and cards.  But for those in the transplant community, it is known as National Donor Day, and we celebrate and honor our past and current donors, and welcome new ones. It is a day to educate and inspire others to make the lifesaving decision to become an organ, eye, and tissue donor. Over 106,000 children and adults in the United States are currently waiting for a lifesaving transplant; 17 of these people will die today due to the drastic shortage of registered donors.

The Chris Klug Foundation (CKF) is tackling the wait for a transplant this National Donor Day by hosting their #GiveLoveGiveBlood Campaign, which aims to start the registration conversation with a blood donation. Donating blood is a simple and easy way to save lives. Each blood donation saves three lives!

Approximately 4.5 million individuals will need a blood transfusion in 2023, and only 3% of Americans donate yearly.  This alarming gap illustrates why it is so important that more individuals sign up. CKF hopes that by donating blood, individuals will see how easy it is to become a donor and be inspired to say yes to donation, whether it is tissue, such as blood, or organ donation.

If you want to show your support for organ, eye, and tissue donation, register to donate blood as part of this year’s National Donor Day Give Love Give Blood Campaign. CKF is teaming up with Colorado Children’s Hospital to host a blood drive at the Anschutz Campus. Even if you are a registered organ donor, CKF encourages you to show your support by donating blood. Your decision can inspire those in your community to consider becoming a donor. Head to to join and be a lifesaver today.

The Chris Klug Foundation was founded in 2003 by liver transplant recipient and Olympic Medalist Chris Klug. The foundation aims to eliminate the wait for a transplant by inspiring and educating individuals to register as organ, eye, and tissue donors. Learn more about CKF and its mission by heading to

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