Ageism and Aging Aren’t The Same

Having worked as a career coach for many years, I know that finding a good job is a challenge even in the best of times.  For older adults, it can be a bit more difficult because of societal bias. Given the right support, older adults can and do successfully find employment.  There is help available for older adults as well as people of all ages from Arapahoe/Douglas Works! in Castle Rock.

Seniors’ Council of Douglas County will host Lori Brown, Facilitator/Career Advisor, with The Generations@Work Program, Arapahoe/Douglas Works! Thursday, November 2 at the  Douglas County Miller Building, Conference Rooms A&B, 100 Third St, Castle Rock, from 10-11:30 am.  

Brown will discuss What Does Ageism Have to Do With Aging? Ageism is based on cultural myths about the process and meaning of aging.  Her presentation will explore myth-busting research that challenges these long-held beliefs and explores our potential to change the lived experience of growing older.  She will present ageist myths, recent scientific research, and provide an overview of the Generations Program, which is designed for older adults.

Ageist stereotypes link aging to depression, dementia, and dependence, reinforcing the myth that growing older means having little to contribute to the active world of younger people.  But over the last 20 years, scientific research has compiled a different picture of the aging process, according to Brown.  Brain research reveals that we continue to develop new abilities and strengthen skills as we age.  Statistically, people are more likely to be happy after the age of 50.  Advances in medicine and nutrition have changed the aging landscape.

When it comes to aging, separating myth from reality is important.  During a job search, the older adult who is confident and unapologetic about age will make a positive impression when interviewing. 

The Generations @ Work Program services include assessment of skills, referral to training options, resume critiques, connections to networking opportunities, and more.

Jean Spahr serves on the Executive Board as Publications Chair for the Seniors’ Council of Douglas County.  The mission of the Seniors’ Council is to advocate for, educate, and engage older adults.  Those who care for older adults are also served.  

Meetings are free and open to the public.  For up-to-date information about the Seniors’ Council of Douglas County visit Facebook and our website at — search for Seniors’ Council.

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