YourPersonal selected as Preferred Provider by Seniors Serving Seniors has been selected by Seniors Serving Seniors to be the preferred provider of incontinence supplies, disposable gloves and skin care products for the group’s rapidly increasing membership. By partnering with a reputable online company, the objective is to make conveniently available the products needed to enhance the health and well-being of a growing senior population.

There are currently more than 25 million people in the United States who are incontinent; this is a widespread problem which disproportionately affects seniors and can greatly alter their lifestyles. Frequently, living with such a physical impediment also has an impact on family members and caregivers. Partnership between an organization dedicated to improving the lives of senior citizens and an online provider of personal care products makes sense and gives recognition that incontinence can be handled in a more efficient, economical and less stressful manner – and also achieve better results.

After extensive discussions, David A. Willis, CEO of Seniors Serving Seniors, concluded that the organization’s partnership with “provides a valuable benefit for our national membership; it addresses a significant need within the senior population, handled in an effective and compassionate manner.” is an established online seller of incontinence supplies, disposable gloves and skin care products. Its business is structured both to service individuals directly and to meet the targeted priorities and concerns of home health care companies and care facilities.

The company’s large online catalog includes a variety of products in a wide range of sizes and price points; and, as a unique feature, to be more informative, the per-piece price has also been calculated and provided for each product. Brands and styles included on the site are those favored by medical professionals. Besides offering competitive pricing, all products sold on the site are tax free and all shipping within the Continental U.S. is provided completely free of charge.

The company’s service philosophy is summarized by its slogan, “Whether for clients, loved ones, or yourself, at YourP­, we address the most personal of needs with the greatest of care.” For further information, please visit

About Seniors Serving Seniors:
Seniors Serving Seniors is a national, non-profit registered organization. Operations focus on providing both information and social experiences which can help its senior-citizen members manage their homes, their health and their happiness to improve the quality of their lives.
In an effort to help its mem­bers live safely and with confi­dence, Seniors Serving Seniors has given its endorsement to a few companies which respond to the interests and priorities of its rapidly expanding membership. The selected providers have been vetted and have demonstrated their reliability and honesty, along with a willingness to deliver value. For more informa­tion, please visit

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