Your Retirement Opportunities

~ By Steve Mokray ~

How many friends do you know who looked forward to retirement only to learn that in a short period of time they became bored for the lack of some thing to occupy their time? Keep in mind that when you finally leave your job for good, you will have eight or more extra hours to do whatever you wish. According to a study by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, American retirees generally spend their leisure time sleeping a little later, working around the house, and watching a lot more TV than their working counterparts. One of the worst possible attitudes is to say ” I’m retired now. That’s it.”  Because it won’t take long and you’re really gone for good and that’s the moment you’re really retired.

Here are some suggested ways to enjoy your retirement: take a class in one of our local schools and learn a new language, learn to weld, learn to work with wood, learn to write your life’s history, take a trip to a foreign country and learn about their culture and language, (staying at Bed & Breakfast facilities is the best way), learn to play a musical instrument (I’m finding this to be a real mental challenge),  join your local Senior Center where you can participate in playing bridge, shooting pool, study groups, and exercising classes where you can get into the habit of investing in your health, get involved in your local community’s well being and the most rewarding is to volunteer your time.

Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) is one of the largest volunteer networks in the nation for people 55 and over. You can use the skills and talents you’ve learned over the years, or develop new ones while serving in a variety of volunteer activities offered in our local organization to serve our community.

This is a list of current volunteer programs available through our local RSVP:

  • Disaster Preparedness Program: Volunteers provide education and assistance regarding emergency response plans, resources and exercises.
  • Mentoring for Educational Success: Trained reading partners assist and mentor elementary school children in reading skills.
  • Grocery Shopping Service: Volunteers fill grocery orders for individuals who are home bound and unable to shop for themselves.
  • Medicare Insurance Navigator Team: Trained volunteers assist seniors with Medicare issues.
  • SHOP Handyman Services: Volunteers build wheelchair ramps and provide minor home repairs for low income seniors and handicapped individuals.
  • Veterans Program: At an annual event, our program provides services and support for homeless veterans in Weld County.

In addition, RSVP is always open to new projects that we can support and provide new opportunities to our volunteers.

Recent studies have shown that volunteering is good for your health at any age, but it’s especially beneficial to older adults. The studies have also found that those who volunteer have a lower mortality rate than those who do not, even when considering factors like the health of the participants. Volunteering has shown to lesson symptoms of chronic pain or heart disease. In addition, studies have found that in the adult age 65+, the positive effects of volunteering on physical and mental health is due to the personal sense of accomplishment the individual gains from their volunteer activities leading to lower rates of depression.

These benefits are available to you by joining the RSVP Team and volunteering your time, for additional information please call 970-351-2588. We need you and look forward to having you as one of new team members.

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