Yana Beylinson Solo Exhibition: Synesthesia

Abend Gallery is proud to announce Yana Beylinson’s solo exhibition: Synesthesia ~

Opening Oct. 29, 2022 and closing Nov. 12, 2022, Synesthesia will be on display at Abend’s Cherry Creek North location at 303 Detroit St. Denver, CO 80206.

On Oct. 29, the Artist will lead a Live Painting Demonstration on site. Later that evening, the newly painted piece will be auctioned to the highest bidder.

Synesthesia: the phenomenon of experiencing a sound, smell, or visual stimuli through one sense that is synthesized by the human brain and collaborates to connect with an involuntary secondary sensation. Some people hear music and mentally see the colors of the instruments’ vibrations. Yana Beylinson’s Synesthesia pulses with electric tints of blooming botanicals, but beneath the surface this exhibition clamors with themes of youth, beauty, and death. Beylinson refreshes our take on the Momento Mori as an oasis of color that celebrates the ephemeral nature of flowers and ourselves. It honors the mortal nature of everything living, reminding us that even we will come to an end.

Artist Statement:
“Color is the foundation and the binding principle of my work. My subjects are mostly flowers and botanicals through which I explore the science of light and the cycles of life. From the myths and legends of antiquity to our commercial modern age we humans have always been fascinated by flowers and plant life. I am no exception. Perhaps it is the ease of which I am able to draw parallel connections between our own lives and the brief ephemeral nature of the plant world. Flowers are traditionally associated with youth and beauty but as they wilt and die, they transform and come to symbolize fragility and the swift passage from life into death. Much like the flower we pass through our own phases of life and come and go after a brief colorful life.

Very much like music, I find color and form to be emotionally resonant and beyond language. My work is better described through feelings than words. Through the ritual of painting, I have come to perceive a ray of sunlight transversing the deep green hue of a leaf.

My paintings are visual mantras upon which one can turn to again and again to contemplate life’s spiritual journey. When I paint the purple of a lily it becomes an embarkation point into the world of past masters like Mark Rothko and Joseph Elbers from whom I draw heavy inspiration. Like Rothko and Elbers, my work exists in a nonverbal space that revels in shape and form and emotion. This exhibition is a testament to these aspirations and is an attempt to convey to my audience the synesthetic communion I feel when investigating the beauty of color or exploring the vibrant yet silent world of other living things” – Yana Beylinson

About Abend Gallery
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