WRPD Announces Social Media Program

Wheat Ridge, CO ~ The Wheat Ridge Police Department is proud to announce the development and implementation of our new social media program. As of Friday, May the department is now active on both Facebook and Twitter (@WheatRidgePD).

“Having this social media presence will allow the department to connect with our citizens on a more personal basis.” explains Wheat Ridge Police Chief Dan Brennan, “We will be able to give our citizens the latest and best information during times of emergencies. In addition, we want to give citizens a closer look in to how the department operates on a daily basis.”

Our Public Information Office is also in the process of purchasing video equipment as we prepare to implement our new YouTube channel as well. If you have any questions or ideas for our social media program, please do not hesitate to contact Public

Information Officer John Romero. You can find our Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/WheatRidgePD?ref=hl and our Twitter page at https://twitter.com/WheatRidgePD

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