Write Your Memoir

I want to encourage you to write your memoir. You have stories to share that nobody else has. My memoir was published last year. I have written other books but this one was the most difficult for me to write. All of us have gone through good and bad times. All must be shared in a memoir.

One blessing of a memoir is that you can share some very memorable experiences. For me that included stories about my long distance running. I started running seriously when I was 40. I completed two Boston Marathons plus a number of other 26.2 mile events. Then I went on to finish seven 50 mile events, the last in eight hours and 35 minutes when I was 65. During this time I ran a competitive 72 mile race around Lake Tahoe. At the age of 71 I decided to spend the summer up in Leadville, training for the Leadville 100. On the day of this event I ran out about 20 miles before I was removed because I was not up to speed. When I was 79 I jogged up and down Lookout Mountain from Golden. I am now 85 and plan to do some more running.

My memoir is titled “Violence, Homelessness and Running.” It is available on Amazon.

Good luck on your writing
Dean C. Jones, PhD

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