Wondering if your Driving skills have declined?

 02/26/2018 | 09:23 AM 

CNI offers a state-of-the-art tool to accurately assess driving ability of those with changing cognitive capabilities due to age, illness, or injury ~

CNI Speech Pathologist Debra Bandstra introduces the DriveABLE assessment to a client.

CNI Speech Pathologist Debra Bandstra introduces the DriveABLE assessment to a client.

Englewood, CO – The Colorado Neurological Institute is proud to offer the DriveABLE cognitive driving test to the community. This tool is used to accurately assess safety for those who may be cognitively impaired. It was developed and validated through years of university research and is considered the gold standard for identifying cognitively-at-risk-drivers.  This test provides objective data for physicians and family members, and it provides you with tangible numbers about your own cognitive abilities, judgment, and reaction times.

At Colorado Neurological Institute, we know that the freedom of driving a car is a primary concern for many people eager to return to mobility after experiencing an injury or illness. Those who are currently driving and have a progressive illness, or those with changing abilities due to the effects of aging, frequently have questions about their safety behind the wheel. Driving can play a key role in an individual’s independence, however it is important to ascertain when it is safe to return to driving or when it may be appropriate to consider alternate transportation options.

“My family has been struggling with revoking my dad’s driving privileges.  The independent assessment at the Colorado Neurological Institute has been extremely helpful.”  —Lorie Simon, caregiver and family member of DriveABLE participant.

This test is used only to determine cognitive function. If you have physical limitations that may impair your driving, this is not the right test.  The DriveABLE test is highly predictive of realistic on-road driving ability, providing clear information on measurement of abilities, and standardized scoring.

The DriveABLE test is computer-based and takes about one hour to complete. No computer skills are required.  The test is administered by a credentialed rehab therapist. You will need a referral from your physician, the cost is $200, and is not covered by insurance.  Results will be sent to and evaluated by, your doctor. To schedule an assessment for yourself or a loved one, call (303) 788-4010 or email info@thecni.org

Learn more about the DriveABLE assessment at http://www.thecni.org/driveable/

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