Windsor Gardens Presents Neil Simon’s “The Good Doctor”

DENVER, CO – Windsor Gardens is delighted to present Neil Simon’s The Good Doctor, an amusing concoction of scenes based on the short stories by prodigious Russian writer Anton Chekhov. The Good Doctor runs Friday, December 4, 7pm, Saturday, December 5, 7pm and Sunday December 6, 5pm on the Windsor Gardens Auditorium stage, 595 S. Clinton in Denver. Tickets are $5 at the door, and in advance, at the Windsor Gardens Activities Desk, Monday-Friday. Or call for reservations at 303-629-9115.

In The Good Doctor, Neil Simon gives you a strong sense of Chekhov’s take on the human condition embellished by Simon’s own wit and pithy dialogue. Each scene tells its own story, but the behavior of the characters and the resolutions of their stories are not typical or predictable. The character of The Writer (Lynn Nicholson) is the one unifying element in the scenes, introducing them, commenting on them, and occasionally playing a role in them. It is commonly accepted the character of The Writer is a quirky version of Chekov himself.

The stories range from The Sneeze; a hysterical vignette where a man in a theatre audience lets loose a monstrous sneeze that sprays the neck and head of the man seated in front of himÑa man who just happens to be his superior at work. It’s not the sneeze, but the man’s reparations that cause his eventual demise, to The Surgery, where an eager inexperienced medical student wrestles the local priest to yank out his painful tooth.

The Windsor Gardens stellar cast is a compilation of theatre company favorites headed up by Lynn Nicholson and featuring Karen Johnston, Marge Fjone, Richard Love, Adam Dempsey, Judy Flomberg, Becky Stefanski, Alice Daly, and Nancy Mann. They are joined by fabulous new comers, Nancy Taylor and Patty Farrell.

You don’t want to miss this delightful production that exposes the ridiculous, tender, outlandish, ludicrous, innocent, and weird frailties of human beings.