Wilderness On Wheels Foundation, Grant, Colo.

 06/11/2013 | 02:13 PM 

Wilderness on WheelsThere is nothing more exciting or soothing, than seeing a “mama” deer with her tiny, baby doe drinking water from a slow moving creek, or a family of moose meandering through a field filled with colorful wild flowers. These are just two of the many possibilities when you visit the Wilderness on Wheels (WOW) facility at the base of Kenosha Pass, 65 miles west of Denver up Highway 285.

WOW has been a big part of the disability community for 26 years, offering camping, hiking, fishing and picnicking to those with any type of disability or who are of the “older” age. Over the past 26 years, 30,000 persons with disabilities, their families and friends have enjoyed this beautiful wilderness area. WOW offers 20 acres of forest on private and Arapahoe National Forest land. There is an 8 – foot boardwalk along a meandering river as well as a mile-long 8 -foot board walk to the top of a 9,500 foot mountainÉcompletely accessible to those using wheelchairs, scooters, crutches or canes. There are 10 picnic sites with charcoal cookers and fire pits. (WOW supplies all of the firewood Ð you must bring up your own charcoal.) There are 5 huts, some with carpet, some without, accessible to a wheelchair, for family camping, 10 tent sites, a pond, (which is stocked 3 times a season), two cabins (one rustic and one modern to rent) and two accessible public restrooms. The rustic cabin also has an outhouse, completely accessible.

Wilderness on WheelsWOW has offered an incredible outdoor experience to thousands each summer, and the Board of Directors, consisting of 5 dedicated persons (2 with a disability), an on-site (non-paid) caretaker, and hundreds of volunteers have seen to it that WOW remains a highlight for Coloradoans and tourists alike during the summer season.

WOW is a non-profit organization, and relies strictly on donations to surviveÉwhich we have done now for 26 years. We have one or two major fundraisers each year, and although we do not charge for use of our facilities, we do accept donations for those using WOW for daily or over night use. Some can donate, some cannot, WOW does not discriminate.

On June 8th, WOW will have it’s 2nd Annual Classic Car and Biker Fundraiser/Show, in Lakewood, at the Mile Hi Church Parking lot, Alameda at Garrison Streets. Free to the public, there will be a DJ, food, vendors, and of course beautiful classic cars and motorcycles to enjoy. Those who wish to show off their car or bike, are asked to donate at least $10.00 to participate.
Anyone interested in WOW is invited to come up any time during the day for a tour, between the months of May and October. We usually have openings, but reservations are suggested.

Please check out our website at www.wildernessonwheels.org for further information or call Barbara Cramer, WOW Board Member and Prime Time Senior, and proud of it, at 303-232-4065 or bcandthewheel @ q.com.

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