Who’s Got Your Back?

Who's Got Your Back?The aches and pains associated with back pain effects over 50% of Americans a year and at least 80% of the population will experience back related discomfort sometime in their life. With so many people having problems, few really know what to do about it or why they’re having problems in the first place. Is our spine really so weak that bending over or turning around causes it to “go out”? Should the mere act of bending over really cause our back to ache and complain?

It just seems that we’re having more problems than we’re meant to have. After all did our paleolithic ancestors really have the same problems? I have a hard time thinking that they took the day off from hunting/gathering because their back ached or that they “slipped a disc”. What has happened to our strength and resilience? Well, the truth is that we have gotten weaker as a society from more sedentary lifestyles, nutrient deficient foods, and environmental pollutants that rob our body’s tissues of vital building and strengthening elements. While this is not new information, it does seem to be forgotten – especially when one is experiencing first-hand the discomfort and pain associated with failing of weakened tissues. Many turn to risky pharmaceuticals for relief such as Ibuprofen which new research is showing to be the 15th leading cause of death in the USA. Surgical options seem so drastic and costly with 50% chance of failure or the need for a repeat surgery at a cost of over $30K each. With the high risk of the most common approaches towards back pain, one has to wonder if there are options not quite so drastic. Well, there is!

Current research is taking another look at why we’re getting injured so easily in the first place and what we can do about it. In the Journal of Molecular Neurobiology research results indicated that Omega-3 fatty acids were not only associated with building stronger and more resilient tissues they were associated with decreasing systemic inflammations associated with promoting serious disease processes. Also, in the Journal of American Board of Family Medicine, it was noted that research into the benefits of vitamin D were not only associated with building bone strength, but in decreasing common musculo-skeletal discomfort and pain.

Both articles had mentioned noticeable changes in symptoms in only 3 months. Maybe our paleolithic ancestors did have it right, eating nutrient rich foods and you too can out run the sabertooth tiger!

Dr. Ramzi Dalloul, DC is a chiropractor located in Lafayette, CO. He has been helping folks with joint and muscle discomfort regain their sense of strength, stability, and resilience in their health for over 14 years. He is presenting a free webinar “Who’s Got Your Back” (October 15th noon – 1pm, and October 16th 6-7pm). This free webinar presentation is free to the public and you can register for it by calling his office at (303 ) 818-0595 or online at MyCommunityChiropractic.com.

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