Who is DRMAC?? Help needed!

The mission of Denver Regional Mobility & Access Council, (DRMAC) is to ensure people with mobility challenges have access to the community by increasing, enhancing, sharing, and coordinating regional transportation services and resources. DRMAC serves the following Colorado counties: Adams, Arapahoe, Boulder, Broomfield, Clear Creek, Denver, Douglas, Gilpin, and Jefferson.

  • Getting There Travel Training (GTTT)-DRMAC provides a FREE multi-modal transit training in partnership with various providers. Teaching the community how to use a variety of mobility options other than SOV. This training has taught over 800 folks to learn how to use RTD, Lyft, DRMAC’s App and many other transportation resources. The GTTT program is currently being revamped to add more transportation options so that there is a variety of multimodal transportation resources available to learn. At the completion of the training, graduations are offered a FREE graduation trip to use what they’ve learned in a real-life scenario. Having confidence and accessible tools is the key to being comfortable using other alternative modes of transportation. For more information https://drmac-co.org/getting-there-travel-training/.
  • Information & Assistance Call Center (I&A)– The DRMAC Transportation Information and Assistance Center is a free, live-line resource to help users identify transportation options for things such as medical appointments, shopping, across town or just about anywhere life takes you. The I&A line is open Monday through Friday from 8:30AM to 5:00 PM. We strive to serve our community and this consultation is 100% free. These travel options can also be found in the DRMAC Getting There Guide. https://drmac-co.org/about/programs/
  • Getting There Travel Guide-is a free printed (and PDF) pamphlet resource distributed at no charge. This printed transportation provider resource directory showcases times, service areas, costs, contact information, wheelchair accessibility, and more. The charts, large font, and easy reading layout make planning a trip to a medical appointment or an errand easy and accessible. The Getting There Guide has been translated into 4 additional languages, is in its 7th edition, and over the years has distributed over 300,000 copies. There are great rewards to having this guide at your access.
  • This is just one of the many different tools and resources DRMAC provides the community and the guide can also be downloaded in pdf format from the DRMAC website. https://drmac-co.org/getting-there-guide/  The guide is free but donations to cover the cost of postage are greatly appreciated!
  • Getting There Travel App– The Getting There Travel app is a great tool to use when looking for transportation on the go. Just like the Getting There Guide, DRMAC’s app provides various transportation options in 9 counties and allows users to search for transportation options that are tailored to their specific location, accommodations, age, and more. This app can be downloaded on Android and Apple devices. The best part about it is, it’s FREE! https://drmac-co.org/getting-there-app/
  • Meetings and Events: DRMAC hosts monthly meetings, events, and trainings in partnership with the community to share information and resources in the overall goal to make sure transportation is equitable and affordable for all. https://drmac-co.org/educate/upcoming-trainings/
  • Membership-DRMAC appreciates the support of our members and community partners which is crucial to our mission. Membership helps us continue our work from a four-pronged approach: advocacy, coordination, education, and information.

Benefits of becoming a DRMAC Member!

  • Receive special event and our “Extra Dose of DRMAC” newsletter.
  • You and/or your organization will be spotlighted in the “Extra Dose of DRMAC” newsletter, on our social media platforms and invited to present at monthly member meetings.
    • o   Business members- spotlighted monthly
    • o   Organizational/Advocate agency-spotlighted quarterly
    • o   Individual/Advocate: $25 (50¢ per week)-spotlighted annually
  • ·        Free promotion on the DRMAC website as our community partner.
  • ·        Voting privileges at our member meetings and the opportunity to collaborate with the transit community.
  • ·        Membership is tax deductible.
  • ·        Purchase a two-year membership and receive the 2nd year at half off.

 Membership Levels:

  • Business Member: $500
  • Organizational/Advocate Agency: $100
  • Individual/Advocate: $25


With as much as we are currently doing for our community, the word is not getting out fast enough. Our goal is to help people get where they need to go when they need to go there, but not enough people know about what we offer. Is there a way you could help DRMAC and allow us an area to talk more about what DRMAC does other than the travel training that you know about?

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