Wheat Ridge to test Early Warning System sirens

Wheat Ridge, CO ~ On Wednesday, May 8th at 11:00 AM the City of Wheat Ridge will be conducting an audible test of the City’s 15 Early Warning System (EWS) sirens. We are entering into flood and severe weather season. Systems like the EWS can provide critical information to our neighbors during times of crisis.

The test will consist of a 10 second tone, followed by a verbal message that identifies the tone as a test of the system. The tone and message will each air twice. The entire test should last only about 30 seconds. The siren should be able to be heard from all over Wheat Ridge if you are outside.

Residents should be aware that testing of selected sites may be repeated throughout the day as needed to correct any issues during the 11:00 AM test.

The Wheat Ridge Police Department would like to extend a big thank you to The Denver Radio Club (http://www.w0tx.org/) for all of the assistance and volunteer time they provide to the Department during system tests like these. During these tests and times of emergency alike, the Denver Radio Club is always willing to donate their time and expertise.


  • Chili’s Restaurant – W32nd Avenue and Youngfield St.
  • Youngfield Street & Clear Creek – east side
  • Field Park – 4355 Field St
  • Everitt Middle School – W 39th Avenue and Kipling St .
  • Prospect Park – 11600 W 44th Avenue
  • Prospect Valley Elementary School – 3400 Pierson St.
  • W 48th Avenue & W 48th Place – by the antique store
  • US truck Driving School – 8051 W 48th Avenue S
  • W 49th Ave & Miller St
  • W 48th Ave & Tabor Street
  • CO58 Service RD S & Fig Street – by Chain Link Gates
  • W 38th Avenue and Upham Street
  • W 32nd Avenue and Dudley Street
  • Panorama Park – W 33rd Avenue and Depew Street
  • Hayward Park – 7500 W 29th Avenue

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