What’s after April Showers?

 03/31/2015 | 10:27 AM 

~ By Carol Giambri ~

This month may be known in parts of the world as a rainy one. But, don’t let it rain on your parade of things you want to do and that makes you happy.

What’s after April Showers? - Carol GiambriBefore you know it the month will be gone and you may be catching yourself saying “where has this month gone.”  It is here now and your time to claim doing what you love best has arrived.  Let’s talk about the garden that you may not see as a possibility in your space.  Let me dispel that myth and show you a way to enjoy a garden inside or out all year round. You may say you can’t bend, you are always in pain, but here’s some ideas that can help you enjoy the fruits of your labor of gardening.  Let me share 2 tips for “beginners” luck. really I don’t want to call it luck but with my tips I hope that these are tricks and trips that can help you speed up your learning curve, or else encourage you to get back to the garden. And, enjoy and share own fresh produce.  I always add the word “organic” as it is really cheaper than you think once you get my tips and “eat” them up.

Tip 1: Indoor Gardening
You can grow herbs or sprouts all year round.  Did you know that?  Of course you need light, water and great seeds as the main ingredients. I never feed my herbs and still do well.  For sprouts you can grow in soil or some in jars.  Wide mouth jars are best.  Buy organic, NON GMO seeds.

Tip 2: Outdoor Gardening
“ Earthboxes” are boxes that require little bending.  You add soil every 5 years, dolomite and fertilizer yearly, cover the box and water it as needed through the tube with your hose. Many come with casters.  Works great on your patio and deck too.  Many times you won’t need to bend depending on the position of your hose.  Hate those weeds?  None this way as your plastic cover that comes with the box or make your own takes care of that problem.   I have a large yard but still use these boxes.

Community garden:
Your neighborhood or city may have plots you can rent. Some include tools, seeds and mulch to share.  Water is included in the space. Check to see if there is a fee for the season. It is still worth it and you can even get exercise if you wish and sunshine.

Farmer’s Market:
Locally you should be able to find these markets in your community or most times a short ride. Hopefully it is organic besides fresh. Do your best when buying.

Friends and family:
Ask them if they want to share a garden with you. You work it along with them and you both harvest.  Just have to ask to receive an answer.

Usually if fresh is in season that is another option but probably more expensive.

April is a great time in most parts of the country to prepare and plant your garden. Colorado weather is very temperamental so you never know if you planted too early or late.  Hard to suggest the “perfect” time because I have never found perfect timing.

With April showers we can look forward to May flowers and perhaps shoots of your planting or seed efforts showing up.  It’s a beautiful time of the year if you love being outside in warmer weather.

I shared options you may not have thought about.  Hope you find the joy of April showers encourages you to look for those May blooms. And, other months to enjoy whatever is planted such as flowers, herbs that color and perhaps a bountiful harvest.

One day my dream is to have a few greenhouses so I can garden all year round.  What’s yours?

Choices we can generally all make. Sometimes we are limited on time.  But I shared several ideas to help you start your gardening and harvest.

Until next time, get or stay healthy, enjoy being outdoors and smile as you are alive.

Carol Giambri

Carol Giambri

Disclosure: Carol Giambri, is a published author/copywriter, eats healthy, gardens, loves buying frugally, and exercises.  Got a dog?  Treat him well and healthy too.  She and her husband are dog lovers.  Most of her food budget is spent in the Produce Department. Carol believes you can live on a budget, be healthy and happy as best as you can each day of your life.  Always remember your pets as you are their caretaker. Carol can be best through email: cgiambri@yahoo.com

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