What you should know and do BEFORE you call the movers!

If you’ve decided that you are done dealing with yard work, clearing snow from sidewalks and driveways, high electric and gas bills, and the inability to get out for groceries or to meet friends in the bad weather, then it is time to seriously think of moving.

However, before you call the movers, there are many things that you should plan out first. Take time to research communities and make your decision after visiting and looking at apartment models, eating their meals, and talking to other residents. Once you decide on your new community, pick your apartment and start planning according to the reduced size.

Along with reduced living space, come many decisions. For example, your current house may have 2000 square feet and a large kitchen, basement and garage. You will probably move into a living area with only one or two bedrooms, a small kitchen, living room and sometimes auxiliary storage space. Many people no longer have garages.

If everyone planned a bit more, their transition to community living would be less stressful. First, get a floor plan for your new apartment and work with measuring furniture and placing what will fit comfortably. Keep in mind if you use a walker to leave a minimum 24Ó to flow around furniture with your walker. Then you need to right-size by going through every room, every drawer, every nook and cranny in your house. Determine the number of meals you will get at the community. You will no longer need every pot or pan or 12 place setting of dishes/china. Now when you have guests, you can take them to eat in your dining room.

Keep the items that are most important to you, and purge all the clutter collected over the years. Sorting through all of your possessions can take weeks. Engage your children’s help if they live close by, encourage them to pick up the items you have stored for them since they left home. Ask them to help sort through your belongings.

If that is an overwhelming task, or you do not have children to assist you, Senior Move Managers (SMMs) are expert de-clutterers and planners. They can work on your floor plan and walk you through the downsizing process while you direct the decision making. They will help sort and organize you. SMMs find resources to dispose of your discards, set up your move, pack, unpack and set up your new home, including hanging pictures. Or they will do whatever you need assistance with.

While sorting through your lifelong treasures is tedious, we guarantee your move will go much smoother, it will be better planned out, and your new home will be comfortable and not cluttered or unsafe. We encourage people to do this while they can decide what moves and what to do with items that won’t fit. Moving can be tedious and tiring, but also it can be exciting for what lies ahead.

Communities tell us that clients moved in by SMMs are not as exhausted or stressed as those whose families move them. Their boxes are unpacked and everything is put away, while others who do it themselves, unpack for weeks. A SMMs client is ready to dive into community life and get involved faster. In addition, the SMM can clear out their home and help their realtor get it ready to sell much quicker than families have time for.
Senior Move Managers are happy to help their clients over the moving hurdles for a smoother transition to their next life phase!

Jeanine Plumhoff and Betty White are Senior Move Managers that have owned Smooth Transitions Denver since 2007 and moved hundreds of people. Call us for a free, one hour consultation at 303-674-0250. Let us help you plan the next phase of your life!