What Veteran Service Officers Do

Veterans and their dependents are potentially eligible for benefits. Eligibility will be determined during an intake interview.  The Veteran Service Officer (VSO) will serve as your advocate to assist you with the preparation, presentation and possible appeal of your VA benefits.  You will need to bring the following to all appointments:

  • Discharge or separation papers (DD214 or equivalent)
  • Service Treatment Records if they are in your possession
  • Medical Evidence (doctor & hospital reports)

When you need assistance in getting the benefits as a Veteran you should utilize the assistance of a VSO.  They are trained and accredited by the VA to provide assistance to Veterans, their dependents, and survivors.  These services are provided at no charge:

  • VA Enrollment/Reinstatement
  • Filing Claims
  • Service-connected Compensation
  • Non-Service-connected Pension
  • Death Pension
  • Medical Benefits
  • Education
  • Home Loans
  • Military Records, Awards or Medals
  • Insurance
  • Burial Benefits
  • Headstones
  • Survivors Benefits

Upon receipt of a completed application, the Veteran’s eligibility will be verified. Based on his/her specific status, he/she will be assigned to one of the priority groups. The priority groups range from 1 through 8, with Priority Group 1 being the highest priority and Priority Group 8 being the lowest.  To see these priority groups, visit www.QualifiedListeners.org/VSO

VSOs may also be a resource for services other than what the VA provides, such as home care, transportation, substance abuse, service dogs, housing, etc.  For those needs you can also pick up a Veteran & Family Resource Directory provided by Qualified Listeners or see the online directory at www.QualifiedListeners.org/directory, or call 720-600-0860.  To read more about VSO and eligibility go to www.QualifiedListeners.org/VSO.  It’s our job to help Veterans and their families find more peace in their life.

NOTE: Vet Connect March 2, 2019

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