What are 5 ways to cope with the Rainy Seasons of Life?

 05/31/2015 | 02:48 PM 

~ By Carol Giambri ~

carol-giambri-053115Here, in Colorado, we have been blessed to some, with an abundance of rain in the Denver area. When is enough enough you may ask yourself? People are waiting to get their gardens up and running with more cucumbers, tomatoes and squash which require warmer weather.  I hope farmers are not losing their seeds and crops due to the rain.  This is not our typical weather.  Where is the sun hiding?  We miss you “sunshine.”

However in life we can go through a nasty, rainy season too. People can be nasty, circumstances can come unexpectedly, finances are drying up, our pet died, a best friend is in Hospice or the car we bought is a lemon.  Regardless, we all go through the “rainy seasons of life.” How we cope with them can help us, not necessarily forget them, but learn to deal with them faster or easier.  

The 5 ways to cope with our rainy seasons:

1. Lighting – add brighter lighting, such as bulbs to add more light to your place. Get rid of the blues of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) and depression perhaps.

2. Change the scenery: adding more colorful flowers can be a lift.

3. Volunteer – Animal rescue facilities or groups may need your help.  The Botanical Gardens may need some weeding.  The Butterfly Pavilion is you are close by may need some organizing.  The library may need you straightening up the books. Food banks may need you to assist their clients coming in for food items.

4. Plant a garden. It may be the right time for an outdoor garden, but there can be your indoor garden. Plant uplifting herbs to make you feel good.  I call these heavenly, smelly herbs that you can add into your fresh, homemade soups, salads or dressings.

5. Adopt a pet.  I love dogs. Many need just some love.  You maybe their ideal pet owner. Their previous may have been abusive or just had to give their pet for their own reasons.  My heart feels for these “unwanted” pets.  You maybe the perfect match.  Check with shelters.  Don’t pay to purchase these pets.  Use that food for healthy food making such as a BARF diet or raw food diet and supplements for your pet. My dog got the royal treatment in food, vet care and our love.  Every animal deserves such love.  I love dogs, other love their favorite pet.  Still they are all wonderful.   Many small and large animals need the best home and deserve that.  There are rabbits, or even horses who need to be rescued.  Horses are not ideal indoor pets, but your neighbor may have a horse needing some daily riding.  And, they feed the horse.  They clean up the horses “waste.”  Horses can be like therapy to you and exercise to the horse.

Hoping these ideas will fill your “rainy’ days with more joy to cope through the “rainy seasons of life.”   It’s like turning a lemon into lemonade.  Make the best and most of what you can. There is always someone who has it worst. Till we chat again, work towards happier days are here again, and daily count your blessings even if you have to fake it till you make it.

Carol Giambri

Carol Giambri

Carol Giambri, is a writer, author and loves playing with words for tagline, photos, books and seeing marketing signs and putting a twist to the message.  She is an encourager, gifted chef embracing raw, plant based vegan foods, a dog lover, plant and worm mother to several.  She experiences day by joy out of choice.  She is best reached at cgiambri@yahoo.com with the subject: Prime

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