Weight Lifting for the Mind

By Gail Hamilton ~

I once saw a cartoon, well I didn’t actually see the cartoon, I heard of a cartoon where a person’s head was being held up by a set of barbells. The words underneath read, “Aerobics for the mind.”

Just like our bodies, our minds need strengthening daily. Every day there’s so much negativity bouncing around us that practicing mind aerobics needs to be part of our lives, awareness, and routines.

I’ve heard psychology professionals say humans only have seven basic feelings, fear, guilt, hate, pain, love, and joy.   

Our minds naturally have these feelings. What’s important is to let others know we’re having them for this (one), helps us connect, and (two), talking releases some of our mind’s pressure valves. And, at times, all of us misdirect our feelings towards another person unintentionally!   

Unnatural is to cause harm to another with our words or our actions! Carrying these feelings around with us for long periods can cause depression or other mental disorders! Anger begets anger, hate begets hate, guilt begets guilt, fear begets fear, and pain begets pain. If we have too many of these so-called negative feelings, then, eventually our glass will overflow and spill out over others.  

It’s best to empty our glass often in order not to create unwanted messes.  

1. When you recognize you’ve caused someone else mental harm, go to them and apologize and ask for forgiveness.   

2. If you’re on the verge of being cranky, take time out, go for a walk, clear your mind, meditate, or read. Find something to take your mind away from the current moment.   

3. “Don’t cry over spilled milk!” What’s done in the past is what’s done. If you’re still crying after a long period of time, seek professional mental help.   

4. Practice treating others as you’d like to be treated. Everyone is human! Everyone is a child of the divine! Everyone is someone else’s mother, sister, father, or brother! Everyone can have a bad day! Be there for them and show compassion!  

5. Practice mental aerobics and weight lifting by praying, meditating, or visualizing.  

You have the power to be strong! You have the power to be healthy! You have the power to carry on and be who you are meant to be! Make boundaries yet keep the peace. Be strong yet love. Keep your mental cup full of the good stuff-love, peace, and joy-and empty the rest down the drain where it belongs. There’s always something in our glasses that needs to be cleaned out. Clean daily. Never let your dishes pile up. Always remember to drink in the beauty, the gifts, the surprises, and the joys!    

I challenge you to go to your mental gym, sit down, see where you are and where you want to be, put on your mental running shoes, find those mental weights, and get to work. Now is the time to show our humanity to others! Now is the time to spread love and joy! Now is the time to be at peace and kindness! If you’re diligent, you’ll change the way you see and change the way you live, and in turn, you’ll change the world, just a little, towards the good.

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