We Are The Passing Of Two Ships

By Monique Walker ~

We are the passing of two ships. Old wavy days across the ocean. Midnight stars reflect our true bloom.

Tis the journey we call life. Ever splicing into each other’s lives.

We sew the woes we keep in our hearts to help heal our communities. Pleasant days in the clouds are waiting for us across spaces in time. New birth we unwind into loving truth.

Deep as the sands of time, in numbers we climb like the stars in the sky.
Forever we live in truth. The days of our youth travel like comets in the night. New seasons of ever changing and transforming organism, we are the in the cradle of love.

Let us not forget the journey called life, ever changing moments and situations that cause us to seize in fear.

Yes, the universe is balancing all the way in every shape and form.

Forget not why you strive. Do not let go of your dreams.

Know that you were born to love and to love you we shall all return.

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