Ways to Declutter Your Home Prior to Moving

If you plan to move in a few months, home improvement may seem unnecessary, especially if you already have a buyer. You do not want to move closets overstuffed with unnecessary items. It aggravates the stress of moving by increasing the packing time. Besides, reducing clutter means you will not pay the moving company transport costs for items you do not need. Here are some ways to declutter your house before moving.

Identify Items to Get Rid of in Your House

Packing allows you to assess all items before putting them in boxes. That means you can evaluate everything you own and separate the items you do not use with those you want to carry. First, scan for dust around your home; dust is a tell-tale sign you don’t use the item. Check your old glasses and the extra electronics that are collecting dust. This simple trick will help you lighten your load and separate essential items. Seek out broken or worn-out clothes, furniture, shoes and toys, pack them and send them for recycling or throw them in the garbage bins.

Use the Three-box Rule to Declutter

The three-box decluttering technique is effective in sorting out your stuff. It reduces the items you need to pack and helps you organise your home and make it look brand-new. When packing every room, you should have three boxes to group your stuff. The first box holds the items you intend to keep from your kitchen drawers, cabinets, bookshelves and bedroom clothes. Do not forget to put mementoes and your favourite pictures into the box. Reserve the second box for items you wish to sell or donate. If you are not using an item in perfect condition, do not throw it away; someone may find it helpful. The third box is for items that you want to dispose of or recycle. It could be damaged electronics, worn-out furniture and household items that are beyond repair.

Donate and Sell

Second-hand stores and yard sales allow you to make hundreds of pounds from your decluttering efforts. You can also post the items online and find buyers. If you do not want to sell your things, find a non-profit organisation and donate the items. Some charities will be glad to pick the item from your home. You can also gift your friends and family members any items they need.

Check Expiration Dates

If you usually buy bulk items, chances are you have expired items in your pantry and bathroom cabinets. Before you start packing, check the expiration dates and throw away anything past its prime. Besides, if you no longer use spices on your kitchen shelves, get rid of them, especially when they lose their potency. Toss the skincare products that you do not use instead of carrying them to your new house.

It is difficult to let go of your stuff, but hoarding items increases clutter. Even when you are not moving, decluttering is a crucial home improvement technique that will keep your home tidy and spacious. Practice decluttering to make your move stress-free.

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