Warmer Weather Can Bring Foot Problems

If foot discomfort that started as an annoyance has now progressed to become a stabbing pain, it’s time to look more closely at your feet. As foot pain continues to get worse, it can become a significant hindrance to daily activities. Running, walking – and even standing – can become a chore due to the pain; and no pair of shoes, no matter the comfort level, can help to permanently alleviate pain that is actually caused from a more serious underlying problem.

Most of us don’t even think about our feet until they start to hurt – what’s down there anyway? It’s almost like the basement – creepy! Yes, it’s true some things can be scary such as degenerative pathologies or arthritic joint changes; but in actuality, most of all that fussing coming from your feet can be remedied by applying some simple home remedies. For example, when planning your day out, consider how much standing/walking you plan to do. Think about the kind of shoe that will best support your feet during your endeavor. Many warm weather shoes like sandals or flip flops lack adequate support and padding for your feet and will quickly cause achy feet. Your feet like a good massage too, just like your back or neck. Using some hand cream and firm pressure, rub along the arches of the foot to help to loosen tight muscles and keep them flexible and limber. This is even better if you can get someone to do this for you! Plus…it feels great!

For many people, these simple home remedies are enough to alleviate the pain and get back to normal daily activities without any issue. However, for some, more work is required. Pain and discomfort are a subjective concept; however, any type of discomfort that is recurring or that has developed into a more acute pain is worth checking out with a professional. While surgery could be an option, it should always be considered as a very last resort since the failure rate is high and it can be a significant health risk.

Many more conservative approaches are much more effective and are considered non-invasive.

Dr. Ramzi Dalloul, DC, has been helping folks in the North Denver Metro area who suffer from foot pain for over 20 years. He’s helped hundreds of people, from walkers to long distance runners who have been forced to limit their activities, get back into their game! His philosophy is to work with the foot to help it return to normal functioning by addressing improper joint alignments, poor foot function, and orthotic therapy. If you’re interested in moving into a more effective and less invasive solution, consider coming to his next workshop! Dr. Dalloul will be holding a Mini Foot Clinic at the Confluence Small Business Collective in Lafayette, CO at 6:30pm on Thursday, March 31st. There, he will expand on foot problems and pain and further talk about other home care remedies and treatment options. Call his office at 303-818-0595 to learn more about this great mini clinic and to reserve your seat! Space is limited.


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