Warbirds Over The Rockies comes to Colorado September 11 – 16

 09/02/2015 | 08:58 AM 
Warbirds Over the Rockies comes to Colorado September 11 -13.

Warbirds Over the Rockies comes to Colorado September 11 -13.

Warbirds Over The Rockies in 2015 announces that the move to the home field of the Arvada Associated Modelers in Arvada, Northwest Denver, was a huge success! The facility covers 60 acres, has a 750 ft. concrete runway and the fly over area covers 200 acres. With all this room we have ample space for parking, tents and vendors. The entrance is off of highway 93 stretching between Boulder and Golden. The 2015 dates for our spectacular 3 Day Event is September, 11, 12 and 13, 2015.

Warbirds Over The Rockies during its 12-year history has become an international radio control model airplane event.

Our pilots come from Australia, Italy, Brazil, Canada , England and the United States. The event is an international destination for Warbird enthusiasts, military personnel and all sorts of everyday people from all walks of life. Warbirds Over The Rockies is foremost an educational tool for the advancement of aviation thru modeling. We promote classes for young enthusiasts of aviation by offering instruction on how to build and fly models, as well as hands on workshops pairing youngsters with an adult model pilot. Field excursions that allow our youth to actually participate in flying models, promotes feelings of accomplishment and self -esteem. From these simple outings might come tomorrows next Air Force Academy Ace.

Warbirds Over The Rockies is not a contest. It is a fun-fly, social event. It is designed to bring families together in an entertaining manner and incorporates a social setting into the mix by way of a Saturday night Awards Banquet. The participants are encouraged to get dressed up and bring their wives or girlfriend, friends and family to an upscale dinner at the Wings Over The Rockies Air Museum, located at Lowry. The banquet starts at 6 pm with a cash bar and dinner starts at 7 pm. 9 pm is dessert and the event ends at 10:30 pm. Throughout the event those in attendance are encouraged to enjoy the attractions inside the museum unobstructed, as our event is closed to the general public. We encourage spectators and participants during the flying event to obtain Banquet Tickets prior to Saturday at noon, as seating is limited. Each year we have been Sold Out by late Friday afternoon. Tickets can be purchased on our web site warbirdsovertherockies.com or in person at the field. Proceeds from ticket sales and spectator participation go to Mental Health America/Colorado.

Warbirds Over The Rockies has partnered with Mental Health America/ Colorado for the past five years. Each year we have raised approximately $25,000 per year with proceeds staying in Colorado. The agency, Mental Health America caters to many families who are dealing with such diseases as dementia, Alzheimers, bi-polar disorders, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and so much more. It is a serious cause in America, where it is estimated that practically every household in America is dealing with a family member struggling with a mental health issue.

Warbirds Over The Rockies is a fun, educational, family oriented “end of summer” event. Spectator entry fee is $10 with children under 13 FREE. There is a noontime airshow all 3 days that begins with a Showing of Full-Size aircraft piloted by several local air show pilots and fully sanctioned by the FAA.

Immediately following the full size fly-overs, the model Air pilots re-create a history of military aviation beginning with WWI bi-planes. This is followed by a re-enactment of a WWII air battle complete with bombers and fighters. The high bombers are bombarded with flack and the fighters respond with strafing runs that culminate in 30ft. high fireballs! (Our crack pyro-technics team Angel Light Pyrotechnics, Inc. provides a spectacular pyro show that will literally shake you. You can feel the heat.)

The final act of WWII planes is an eerily realistic re-enactment of the dropping of the first atomic bomb. The narrative that accompanies the flight and the mushroom cloud that ensues is chilling.

All of the model planes flown at Warbirds Over The Rockies are exact replicas of a full size military aircraft that flew during wartime. That is one of the requirements for pilot participants.

Next up are the jets! If you love the smell of jet fuel this airshow is for you. All of the jets have turbine engines fueled by kerosene or jet-A fuel. The engines are small replicas of their full size counterparts found in full size commercial airliners. You have to see them to believe them! They look and sound like the real deal. Over 200 mph and the take offs and landings are executed the same as the full size. Landing gear, ailerons, flaps and lighting all operate on the models, just like the full size planes.

Warbirds Over The Rockies is proud to present this air event yearly. Each September our staff of experienced personnel work with the city to insure the success and safety of the spectators, participants and distinguished guests. We are all aware of the logistics involved in planning for food, water, sanitation facilities, medical, traffic control and fire safety. Professional food vendors who are well schooled in offsite food management, supply all food, drinks and snacks. The event requires on-site EMT personnel and the Arvada Fire Department as backup for fire safety. Past spectator participation has exceeded 5,000
people. Tickets are available on our website: warbirdsovertherockies.com

Warbirds Over The Rockies is well orchestrated and whether you are a first time visitor, yearly spectator or have never seen an R/C Air Show, you will come away from this experience with a new wealth of knowledge about aviation. If you have kids, bring them. If your parents were alive during WWII they will totally understand your asking them to join you. Bring your lawn chair or sit in one of ours provided in spectator seating. Umbrellas and a light jacket in case of inclement weather should be considered. There are NO Covered sheds or tents available in case of a downpour or worse yet, snow. September is usually mild, but this is Colorado and you never know.

Join us September 11, 12 and 13, 2015 for Warbirds Over The Rockies. Great summertime entertainment for the entire family.

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