Want more Vim, Vigor, Vitality? Volunteer!

~ By Lynette Reiling ~

What if you could wipe the slate clean and write your own story about how you will age? Greater longevity allows us to do just that.

The most important ingredients in our personal stories are meaning and purpose, connection to something greater than ourselves. It directly relates to physical health and emotional well-being. Rush University Medical Center found that individuals with a high level of purpose were 2.4 times more likely to remain free of Alzheimer’s. Having a sense of purpose in life was associated with a 19 percent reduced risk of heart disease and stroke. How is that for an amazing health insurance policy?

Volunteering and a sense of purpose go hand in hand in creating a fulfilling second half of life. Want more happiness? Studies demonstrate that helping others kindles the happiness factor within ourselves. Want to connect in a greater way? Volunteering provides a way to meet new people, enjoy a shared activity, and broaden your support network. Volunteering can ignite your passion while providing the opportunity to support your community in some profound ways. Now you know the secret to Vim, Vigor and Vitality.

Boomers Leading Change (BLC) is here to help you rewrite your narrative of aging. Our mission is to harness the experience, energy and conviction of adults 50+ towards improving health and well-being in the lives of individuals and families in Metro Denver. Our goal is to align you with a volunteer position that utilizes the best of what you have to offer with a community organization that needs you.

BLC offers a variety of volunteer options from a few hours weekly to more intense opportunities (10-20 hours per week), for those who wish to take a deeper dive into volunteering. We are currently recruiting for the AmeriCorps Encore program for 2017-18. AmeriCorps Encore is akin to a domestic Peace Corps, where AmeriCorps Members (ages 55+) help meet unmet needs in communities and receive a modest living allowance while serving. Upon completion, the AmeriCorps Encore Member receives a National Service Education Award. BLC is the only organization in Colorado that offers AmeriCorps Encore, designed specifically for individuals age 55+.

If you are ready to incorporate a greater sense of meaning and purpose, enjoy more vim, vigor, vitality and give back to your community, we would love to hear from you. Contact us through www.boomersleadingchange.org or 303-426-6637.

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