Wade Buchanan Appointed as First Senior Advisor on Aging

Gov. John Hickenlooper’s appointment of Wade Buchanan as the state’s first Senior Advisor on Aging is a significant development in preparing the state for a dramatic demographic shift facing the state.

Colorado’s Strategic Action Planning Group on Aging (SAPGA), created by the state in 2015, welcomes this step in addressing the needs of the state’s seniors. Buchanan, who has been a member of SAPGA since its inception and a member of its Executive Committee, has proven to be a tireless proponent of addressing the key issues facing seniors. As someone involved in promoting the legislation that created SAPGA, he has a deep and unique understanding of what is in store for the state as the population shifts. It is estimated that one out of every five Coloradans will be 65 years or older by the year 2030.

SAPGA thanks Wade for his service on the planning group on congratulates him on this prestigious appointment. 

In addition, SAPGA thanks Gov. Hickenlooper and Lt. Governor Donna Lynne for their work in getting the position funded through a grant from the Next 50 Initiative. SAPGA looks forward to working closely with Wade, the Administration, the Colorado General Assembly and others as it updates its strategic plan and to be partners in connecting stakeholders in the aging field to improve the lives of older Coloradans and their families now and in the years to come. 

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