Volunteers for Veterans Needed

Qualified Listeners is looking for individuals who believe in supporting the needs of Veterans and their families.  Not all Veterans are cared for and many only need a minimal amount of help.  If you like to volunteer and have a few hours a month to make a major impact on someone’s life, we would like to talk to you.

The areas of most concern are:

  • Home visitation – occasionally stop by or call to let them know they are not alone or forgotten.
  • Personal evaluation – help organize their bills and see they’re paid on time; inventory and help administer their medications; make sure they have food, electricity, heat; medical attention, etc.
  • Transportation – doctor appointments, grocery shopping, haircuts, or other errands.

You will not be asked to give your money, only your time.

This would be especially welcomed during the holiday season.  Could you set an extra plate at your Thanksgiving table, or give a care package for Christmas?  No matter where you live there are Veterans in your area who could use a friend year-round.

Because not all Veterans are over 60 or on Medicaid, there is effectively no government funding for them which leaves a large gap in our society.  If you have a passion for Veterans and a desire for giving back, please call us at 720-600-0860 or email Resource@QualifiedListeners.org

Qualified Listeners, one of the most active Veteran support organizations in Northern Colorado and Southeast Wyoming, continues to assist Veterans and their families through outreach, listening, resource directory, and being the voice for the Veteran Community.  For more information visit www.QualifiedListeners.org.

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