Volunteering during the Holiday Season

By Brandi Tamburelli, Volunteer Services Manager, Seniors’ Resource Center ~

The Holiday Season can be a very busy time for some people while others find that with family far off they have some extra time on their hands. And for many older adults with limited resources, as well as those who are isolated, the need for social contact is indispensable. Having that meaningful social contact is what makes the Holiday Season joyful. These older adults need a volunteer like you.

There are benefits to volunteering: minimizing loneliness for the volunteer and those people they are serving, increased socializing that can lead to better brain function and lower risk for depression, improved self-esteem, lower risk of dementia and it can be just plain fun.

There are always many places that would welcome your time during this Holiday Season. Some examples are Community and Recreation Centers, Libraries, Faith Based Organizations, Food Banks and Senior Housing Facilities to name a few. Ask around, we’ll bet that many of the places you visit in your community are just waiting for you to offer some of your time. It will be a real gift to those you serve and to you.

Aging Well in Jefferson County is a strategic planning project focused on developing and implementing strategies to create inclusive, livable communities through sustainable partnerships and integrated services. The Social & Civic Engagement Workgroup is one of six Workgroups addressing all aspects of life for aging residents in Jefferson County. For more information, contact the Aging Well coordinator, by emailing us AgingWell@Jeffco.us, visit our website www.Jeffco.us/Aging-Well. We’re also on Facebook – follow us @JeffcoAgingWell.

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