Volunteer with the Senior Hub Outreach for Volunteers (SHOUT) Program

Studies have repeatedly shown that people who volunteer in their communities tend to live happier, longer, and more fulfilling lives (see below).

Highlights from the recent report sponsored by the Corporation for National and Community Service CNCS):

  • SENIOR CORPS VOLUNTEERS FEEL HEALTHIER: Senior Corps volunteers reported much higher self-rated health scores, compared to older adults in similar circumstances who do not volunteer. Self-rated-health has been determined to be a valid marker of actual health.
  • SENIOR CORPS VOLUNTEERS ARE LESS DEPRESSED, LESS ISOLATED: Senior Corps volunteers reported feeling significantly less depressed and less isolated compared to non-volunteers. Social isolation is associated with depression and health issues including mortality.
  • SENIOR CORPS PROVIDES ACCESS, STRUCTURE, FINANCIAL SUPPORT: Senior Corps provides older adults with important opportunities to serve their community.

While our SHOUT volunteers may be adults of any age, we recognize that many volunteer opportunities happen during the work week and that the pool of volunteers may include a high number of those who have retired and have more time available to donate.

Here is a good example: One of our past volunteers served as a Meals on Wheels driver until the week before he died. He was 93 years old and had started his volunteering in his early 80’s after his wife passed away.

We have both indoor and outdoor opportunities; single-event and repeat volunteer jobs; independent and group-style activities; and a variety of ways to serve with non-profit organizations, agencies and local governmental entities. Here are just a few examples of where our volunteers help: Schools, hospitals, food banks, delivering Meals on Wheels, providing in-home visitation, assisting at Adult Day Centers, helping in senior centers, serving at congregate meal sites, helping military veterans, providing talks on disaster preparedness, giving talks about avoiding financial exploitation, assisting police departments, helping in nursing homes and assisted living centers, and much more. We also have several opportunities available that can be done from home such as volunteer calling, volunteer companionship by phone, and making knitted lap robes for nursing home and homeless shelter clients. For more information please contact the SHOUT Department trapp@seniorhub.org or 720-523-2820.

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