Virtual Grand Reopening for Olin Hotel Apartments to Be Held on April 28th

The Olin will provide affordable housing for over 100 low-income older adults in Denver ~

DENVER, Colorado, April 8, 2021: Older adults facing economic insecurity–many of whom have experienced homelessness–will begin to move in to the newly renovated and expanded Olin Hotel Apartments in Capitol Hill during the month of April. To celebrate the reopening, Senior Housing Options ( will be hosting a virtual Grand Reopening on Wednesday, April 28th from 4:00-5:00 p.m. We invite the Colorado community to join us for an hour of celebration, tributes and testimonials. Those wishing to attend the virtual event can join via the login information at the bottom of the page.

The Olin Hotel was the first property purchased by Senior Housing Options’ original entity, Ecumenical Housing – a group organized by several churches in Capitol Hill who were seeing the disappearance of affordable housing for seniors due to the purchase of many Single Room Occupancy hotels/buildings as a result of the oil boom of the 1970’s. The Olin Hotel Apartments are located at 1420 Logan Street and now have 112 subsidized housing units. This important project was coordinated by Senior Housing Options whose mission is to provide residential communities and caring services to enrich the lives of older adults in Colorado. The average household income for the residents at the Olin in 2020 was $11,912 per year.

“The Olin as a whole will now be able to give over 1.6 million “safe nights” to older adults during the expected 40-year life of this renovation. The addition of new units on what was an abandoned 5th floor will alone provide immediate homes to six older adults who might otherwise be homeless,” says Jim Goddard, Chief Executive Officer of Senior Housing Options.

Many of the residents are coming to the Olin after experiencing homelessness. On a single day in the United States, an estimated 202,623 single adults experiencing homelessness are over age 50, and they may be uniquely vulnerable to becoming seriously ill during the pandemic crisis. In addition, people experiencing homelessness age faster than housed people. Research indicates they have physical conditions that mirror those of people 15-20 years older than them. According to the CDC, older adults age 65 and over are at higher risk of becoming seriously ill from COVID-19. (Source: National Alliance to End Homelessness) Getting individuals off the street and into the Olin helps to keep them safer and healthier.

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