Veteran’s Corner – “I won’t ask for help!”

By Bob Rotruck, CWO3 USN (RET)

Unfortunately, that is the mindset of ninety-nine percent of veterans. They joined the military and never asked for help even though they relied on their comrades to be at their side just as they stood by their comrade’s side. A brotherhood that has stood the test of time for millennia. So for those of us who are veterans in good health or circumstances are more than willing to help our brothers and sisters; however, trying to find them is extremely difficult.

Vietnam Veterans of America South Metro Denver Chapter 1106 and other veteran organizations are frustrated by not being able to give assistance because those that need it won’t come forward and be recognized. VVA 1106 must rely on family, neighbors, and the community to reach out to us so we can proactively approach the veteran and learn of their needs. Examples of needs may be a utility bill, home accessibility needs, scholarship assistance with a child or grandchild, or just plain advice. So we are reaching out to YOU, the public to help us help those who were willing to give their lives for our country. Please go to our website: for our contact information. Your name will be held in confidence if you wish. America needs to do more than just say, “WELCOME HOME!”