Veterans and Families Deserve Only the Best!

“We vet and qualify our listeners in the same manner we vet and qualify our resources because we want to provide the best available services to our Veteran Community”, comments Greg Goettsch, Founder and Executive Director of Qualified Listeners.

Qualified Listeners, a Veteran support organization in northern Colorado and southeast Wyoming, has received the “Veteran Ready Organization” status from PsychArmor Institute in recognition of their commitment and dedication in supporting Veterans and families through peer listening.

To qualify as a listener, candidates are interviewed, complete a background check, and attend a series of trainings.  Qualified Listeners recently graduated six new listeners, and more are needed.  Listener volunteers are not all Veterans, they are also a Veteran spouse, family member, caregiver, or advocate.

Qualified Listeners has completed over 300 listening sessions since January 2018 for Veterans of all ages and Military era, including Veteran spouses and family members.  The sessions have helped Veterans change careers, solve major transportation problems, acquire a consistent food source, stop wasting money on unnecessary insurance policies, home modifications due to limited mobility, assisted widows in obtaining Military funeral services for their husbands, helped Veterans obtain VA services, connect people to appropriate behavioral health professionals, helped Veterans and families process end of life, arrange for spouses to receive caregiver compensation, and helped Veterans reduce the cost of monthly medications by 80%.

If you would like more information on Qualified Listeners call 720-600-0860 or email, or visit

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