Veteran Listening Program Growing

Qualified Listeners, a Veteran & Family Resource Hub based in Northern Colorado, is expanding their Listening Program to include visitations. “We’ve created a Visitation Team for our trained Veteran Listeners to visit Veterans in assisted living facilities and those in hospice care”, says Greg Goettsch, Founder and Executive Director. “The number of visitation requests is increasing, and we are having a positive impact on those who are elderly, disabled, or terminally ill.”

To fulfill the need of Listening Sessions in general, Qualified Listeners has recently trained five new Listener volunteers, four of whom are Veterans and one Veteran spouse.  “It’s important to include family members as well as Veterans because they also need to share their story with a peer Listener.  We have spouses, widows, parents, sons and daughters of Veterans who are qualified to listen to others who can understand”, adds Greg Goettsch.

If you are a Veteran or a family member of a Veteran and would like to talk to someone in confidence who can relate and not judge, we would like to hear from you. If you have an interest in learning about our Listening Program, or if you know a Veteran that would like to be visited, call 720-600-0860 or fill out the form on our website

To learn more about Qualified Listeners, call 720-600-0860 or, visit

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