Veteran Emergency Medical Care

If a Veteran is enrolled in the VA Health Care system and admitted to a non-VA emergency room or urgent care facility for a life-threatening medical emergency, the number to call for the VA Authorization Office is 1-800-795-0773, option 1.  The Veteran would have to call within 72 hours of being admitted to an ER (or urgent care).  They will have to leave a message, but the automated message walks the Veteran through what information is needed.

A Veteran DOES NOT have to call this number prior to calling for an ambulance or being admitted to the ER but must do so within 72 hours post admission. This allows VA to assist the Veteran in coordinating necessary care or transfer and helps to ensure that the administrative and clinical requirements are met for VA to pay for the care.

Qualified Listeners is a Veteran & Family Resource Hub serving northern Colorado and southern Wyoming.  For more information visit or call 720-600-0860

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