Twice the Love With Pet Sharing

By now, most everyone knows that owning a pet is beneficial to one’s health. You have less chance of heart attacks, faster recovery from one, and normal blood pressure. There is also less chance of becoming depressed and getting Alzheimer’s Disease to name a few.

Many people, especially seniors, that have owned one or more dogs in their lifetime refrain from owning one later in life. Some of the reasons they give are: wanting to be free to travel and not worry about kennels or finding someone to take care of their dog or even the everyday tasks of feeding, grooming, and vet services.

There is a solution and it’s very simple. Most people may have never thought about it, but sharing a dog (or any pet) with a family member, friend, neighbor, or an acquaintance that is in the same position as you.

When sharing a dog, you can pick one together that best suits you and then share the expense of adoption or purchase from breeder. You can also share the other expenses of having a dog (pet).

Now you have the freedom to travel and not worry about where your dog will stay and the expense of boarding or hiring someone to look after them. In addition to the joy of owning a pet with someone else, you may also experience a deeper relationship with that person.

I am speaking from experience. After my divorce, we decided on joint custody of our black lab, Sasha, since we both loved her so much. When I traveled, my ex-husband would take Sasha and all the responsibilities of a dog owner. I would do the same in turn. When she needed to see the vet or be groomed, we would both accompany Sasha and split the expense.

Sasha thrived in this atmosphere of being loved and cared for by two humans and felt at home in both places. She knew both walking routes and never felt abandoned.

When Sasha’s time came to leave us, we both shared the pain of letting go and the grief of her passing. It was in sharing Sasha that we experienced TWICE the love and HALF the grief!

There are so many animals in shelters that deserve a good home, care, and love as they in return have so much to give. If living alone, they are your best companion. Someone to talk and sing to, someone to laugh with or at.

If you think you can’t provide the care and take on the responsibility of owning a dog or any pet, consider the possibility of sharing to cut your responsibilities in half and bring in twice the love!

Submitted by Christine Lefils

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