TRIAD: Just Down, or Depressed?

From time to time we all feel down or blue. But if you or someone you know just doesn’t seem to shake the blues, it could be something more. Join Sheri Gibson, PhD, Clinical Psychology to learn how to recognize depression and what options are available to help get back your sense of hope. The talk is hosted by Triad of Jefferson County at 1:30 pm, Tuesday, February 24 at the Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office, 500 Jefferson County Parkway, Golden. Free and open to the public, 303-271-6980.

The First Judicial District Triad was created in March of 2008. The three-pronged partnership serves Jefferson and Gilpin counties and is designed to help prevent the victimization of older adults while providing them with more and better law enforcement services.
Triad is a partnership between those in the criminal justice system, community groups and volunteer senior citizens. The purpose of a Triad is to develop and implement crime prevention and education programs for older adults.

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