Transitions in Motion

Real estate can be daunting to anyone looking to buy or sell a home. It can be especially difficult to a senior who has lived in their home their entire adult life. When the decision is made to finally downsize and move, years and years of memories and belongings need to be moved or donated. When the adult children walk into the home and realize for the first time just how much stuff their parents have collected over the years, the task can be daunting. What do we do with all the furniture? Do they really need three sets of dishes? How are my clothes from high school still in the closet!?

The cost of moving is challenging and finding companies that are dependable can often deter or hinder the process of moving. A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of sitting down to lunch with Megan Fuller-Long from Motion Homes Group. She gave a presentation a few days prior on the struggles some seniors have in selling their home or adult children helping their parents sell. As a naturally motivated and inspired individual, Megan was able to put into motion a model that will help seniors with their homes.

In 2015, Motion Homes Group was founded. “I spent two years studying the senior community and the needs within the community and from this, Transitions in Motion was created” said Megan. “We are a real estate company that specializes in addressing the challenges a senior has in trying to sell their home”. Megan assembled a group of preferred partners she works with that help with every facet of preparing the home for market, from repair services to estate cleanouts. She provides the funding for the services up front and is later reimbursed through the equity. Megan coordinates everything that needs to be done to sell the property as well as assess the home and find out what you qualify for in your next step. “This takes the pressure off the family during the transition and helps them breathe a little easier” said Megan.

With all the struggles, headaches, and emotion involved with moving and transitioning into the next step in life, Megan’s model of helping seniors is leading the way. It spares the family unnecessary frustration and financial distress and helps get them moving in the right direction.

Transitions in Motion is a branch of Motion Homes Group dedicated to helping people in transition get their home market ready by fronting the cash needed to sell the home quicker and for a higher cost! Transitions in Motion has a list of highly vetted, trusted industry partners and we are willing to not only front the cash, but also pass along the volume discount we are receiving from our vendors. This way we can put you and your loved one’s mind at ease and handle the whole transaction for you – you just need to show up at the closing table! 720-393-0673

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