Top Ten Sites Of Social Security For 2019

We provide our online services to improve our service to you. Here are our top 10 websites of 2019:

  1. Open your own personal my Social Security account, which will enable you to verify your earnings, get future benefit estimates, obtain benefit verification letters, update your Social Security information if you receive benefits, and more at We’ve recently added some new features to make doing business with us easier than ever.
  2. Need answers to your Social Security related questions? Our Frequently Asked Questions page is the authoritative source at
  3. Our hub for Social Security news and updates is our blog: Social Security Matters at You can use social media to easily share these informative articles with friends and family.
  4. Knowing how much money you may get in the future can help you plan your finances. Get instant, personalized estimates of your future Social Security benefits at
  5. In many states and the District of Columbia, you can request a replacement Social Security Card online at
  6. You can complete and submit our online application for retirement benefits it in as little as 15 minutes at
  7. You can conveniently apply for disability benefits online at
  8. Access our publication library — we have online booklets and pamphlets (including audio versions) on key subjects at
  9. Our new Instagram account is a modern way to get Social Security news at
  10. We engage thousands of customers on our Facebook page where you can join the conversation (and follow us) at are working to give you easy access to the information you need from us. Stay in touch and please feel free to share these pages with your friends and family.

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