Tips for Helping an Older Friend to Thrive

By Beverly Nelson ~

As we get older, we may need more help in order to live our best lives. For many seniors, this means turning to family for support. These days, however, people are more spread out than ever before, and your senior friends may not have family nearby who can give them the support they really need.

Fortunately, there’s a lot you can do to help your older friends thrive. Here are some tips from My Prime Time News for the best techniques you can use to support your friends well into their golden years: 

Hire Helpers 

Give them the gift of a task completed: 

  • Hire a landscaper to give their garden a beautiful start that they can maintain
  • Look into grocery delivery services that may make their day-to-day simpler
  • If they need something special done around the house, such as furniture cleaning, hire a licensed pro to knock that work out for them. 
  • If they have a furry friend who needs longer walks than they can manage, connect them with a dog walker. 

Resolve to Stay Healthy Together 

Health goals are always easier with a team on your side: 

Visit and Socialize 

Make sure your friend knows you’re there:

  • As we get older, socialization gets harder but more important
  • Be sure to visit your friend regularly and invite them to events around town
  • You can also connect them with hobby groups to help them build community. 

Remember, if your older friends’ family members aren’t around, you can be the person who makes a change in their life. These tips can go a long way toward making sure the people you love get to be healthier and happier in their golden years!

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